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Have you ever been caught in a crowd with people jostling you from all directions? You couldn’t move fast. Your sense of direction started to slip. Depending on the atmosphere of the crowd, you may have held on to your wallet more tightly than usual.  It’s easy to feel lost when it comes to marketing.
Marketing isn’t only about catchy designs and witty words. Marketing scores a touchdown when there’s a plan. If you’ve been reading our case studies, you’re likely familiar with the terms “Marketing Guide™” and “Marketing Guide Path™” by now. In this case study, you get to shake hands with the folks at the center of helping our clients create and execute their plans. 
The Core Messaging Document is a descriptive build-out of the ideal customers, competitors, and the messaging foundation we will use to speak to these customers. Rosewood’s core messaging provides key insight for our clients’ internal understanding of their market.
A well-designed brochure is accessible to anyone. Less techy folks easily find what they’re looking for. People without internet access get acquainted with your brand. A brochure is a storybook, inviting people to imagine their lives with your products or services making them better.
You’re sitting in a meeting when it hits you. That ad! Oh no! I think the deadline was noon yesterday. I can’t afford to miss this opportunity. Maybe if I contact the rep, he’ll extend the deadline. How could this have slipped through the cracks. . . again? If you can relate to this sinking feeling, you will be interested in learning how Rosewood has helped GVS Distributors avoid this scenario with an ad management plan.
Miller’s Feed Service is a fourth-generation, family-owned feed manufacturer based in Topeka, Indiana. For over 80 years, they’ve served their community and beyond with high-quality animal feed and friendly service. Recently, their wholesale division increased significantly. “Doing a lot more sales through dealers has changed our overall picture,” owner Mike Miller says. This change meant that they needed to rethink how they presented their feed.
Your business may be in full sail; you’re clipping along when suddenly the breeze drops, and there’s nothing left to do but row hard and long. Or maybe a storm swoops in, howling in full fury, and all you can do is fight hard or sink. Economic downturns, key employee losses, lawsuits, a fire–if you’ve been in business for any length of time, you’ve probably faced calamity. How do you pull through? Pebbles Family Buffet, located in Durham, ON, is well-known for its mouth-watering comfort food. But in 2020, disaster pulled up a chair at Pebbles...
Faith Mission Home website
Located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, Faith Mission Home serves intellectually-challenged adults and children. In addition to the 55 students, staff families and volunteers make up the 170 people who live and work here. This sprawling village holds a truck patch, farm, bakery, park, church house, school, several woodshops, a mechanic’s garage, and housing for staff, students, and guests. The story of Faith Mission Home weaves together some of the most searing difficulties and deepest joys of human experience. Resilience, growth, and friendship have thrived in this place since its beginning in 1965.
“I’m often running behind when it comes to marketing.” “We’re dumping dollars into marketing with no results.” Sound familiar? Henry manages three businesses, including Stable Hollow Construction, a specialist in restoring historic structures. Two years ago, he entered the Rosewood Marketing Guide™ Path. “We’ve made a lot of progress in the last two years. I’d do it again in a heartbeat,” Henry declared.
Is Your Catalog a Roadmap or a Puzzle?
From his experience managing shed lots, Dave Miller knew that sales catalogs too often confused clients rather than making it easy for them to decide what to buy. “Many shed lots have generic catalogs with separate price lists,” Dave relates. “Customers have trouble figuring out shed prices.” As a result, salesmen would spend considerable time answering basic questions to guide customers through the buying process. As owner of The Olde Sale Barn, a distributor of Amish-built storage sheds on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, Dave needed a catalog refresh. He wanted to provide his customers with a clear road map rather than a confusing puzzle.
Every businessman knows the struggle to develop ads that effectively market his products. Nearly every manufacturer knows the dismay of seeing dealer ads that don’t present his branding accurately. This is the story of a manufacturer who worked with Rosewood to simplify ad development for its dealers while ensuring its own brand integrity.