How to Plan Your Marketing in 2021

Mar. 8, 2021   |   1:30pm Eastern Standard Time

Guiding Business Owners Through Marketing Challenges Into Sustainable Growth

Gary, Roy, and Derlyn reviewing a project

Rosewood offers marketing consulting, logo & brand development, copy writing, photography, video creation, advertising management, printed materials, website development and online marketing.

The only way to grow a tree is to plant a seed. This takes time and attention. There are no shortcuts or magic formulas. Just as you work with natural laws to grow a healthy tree, you must also apply sound marketing principles to grow a healthy business. Businesses thrive on growth. Without it, they wither and die.

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Do You Have Marketing FOMO?

How many ads do you think you see in a day? Some people estimate that an average consumer is exposed to thousands of ads daily. This is especially true for people who use the internet, where ads show up nearly everywhere. This ad-saturated environment might be a little like driving down a highway lined with billboards, one standing right beside the next for miles. You would soon simply ignore them. 

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