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does my small business need a website
Today’s consumer expects to find your business online. Some small businesses do quite well without a website. But don’t be too quick to disregard the potential benefits of a website for your business.
Banish these marketing myths from your mind
Myths are stubborn things. They can influence thinking and planning for generations. Believing a myth about marketing can shackle your business planning and marketing flexibility for years to come.
Listen in as marketer Mike tells manufacturer Amos what needs to happen for his website to become more visible to customers online.
how to create a strong usp
You cannot force people to buy your product. They must choose to make the transaction. Communicating that you offer a unique and valuable product makes buying from you the only logical course of action.
Five mistakes that will kill sales of your new product
For months, you’ve planned and longed for this day–the day you reveal your exciting new product. But as the days and then weeks go by, the silence is deafening. What went wrong?
For a moment, imagine yourself as an ag mechanic. You use hand tools daily to repair equipment and please your customers. Yesterday, your favorite screwdriver snapped as you pried on a stubborn pulley. So today, you’re standing in the store comparing screwdrivers.
Creativity is a strategic imperative in your marketing planning. But, as a practical professional, you might be thinking, Me, creative? Not really!
When you take the time to clarify your marketing message, you do the work so your customer doesn't have to. The company that communicates most clearly and simply will win.  Will that company be yours?
5 Steps to Plan Your Marketing in 2024
Strong businesses don't happen by accident; they happen by planning. Successful marketing requires careful planning. It requires thinking ahead to the coming year and researching current market trends. 
Dwight D. Eisenhower said, “Plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.” His point was that the value of a plan lies as much in the exercise of planning as it does in the plan itself.  Even when they know the value of having a plan, business owners often feel too busy to create one. Who has time to sit down and think about the future when so many things need to be done NOW?
Would Jesus be a marketer?  Is God pleased with me as a marketer? Much of the marketing we see today lacks integrity. Empty words offer false hopes, promising meaning and fulfillment that cannot be found in owning or using a product. Thoughtful Christians may wonder if marketing is inherently wrong.
email marketing as part of your marketing funnel
When Samuel Morse demonstrated his telegraph by sending a message from Washington, D.C. to Baltimore, it made a splash in the newspapers, but that was all. Morse at first had trouble lining up customers and investors.