About Rosewood

Through marketing consulting, branding and digital marketing services, Rosewood is here to help your business find growth.

Meet Our Team

Core Values

Each Team Member at Rosewood is committed to operating consistently with these core values as a standard for behavior. We ask you to hold us accountable to these promises by telling us when we have left you down. And, if one of us performs especially well we are always energized by your compliments.

Creativity in
problem solving.

  • Use the resources you have to meet the need.
  • How? What if? What would need to be true?
  • Looking for reasons it can’t be done isn’t creativity.

Hunger for
personal growth.

  • Practical knowledge and skill trumps certificates and degrees.
  • Growth mindset. Love to learn.
  • Embrace criticism.
  • Godly wisdom.


  • Be open and honest.
  • Listen with your full attention.
  • Be prepared.
  • Be accountable.

Pursuit of
humble excellence.

  • Diligently mind the details.
  • Thrive on results.
  • God and others get the credit.

Passion for
client success.

  • Understand the client’s goals.
  • Ask questions to identify the real issue.
  • Drive for results.
  • Holistic care.

The Rosewood Story

Rosewood: 25 Years and Counting

It was Philip Weaver’s side projects that sparked the business idea for Rosewood. His father, David G. Weaver, occasionally brought home booklets and book covers from Eastern Mennonite Publications for Philip to work on.

In June 1996, Philip and his longtime friend Roy Herr formed a partnership, and Rosewood Design was born. They discovered high demand within the Plain business community for a design service that shared Anabaptist values and perspectives.

Growing pains

Philip and Roy faced a steep climb in the early years, learning new skills on the fly in the time-honored tradition of so many other Plain community entrepreneurs.

It was a time of both stumbles and steps forward. The growing Rosewood team took on new clients while also earning repeat business from satisfied clients. Sensing the need for outside help, Philip and Roy hired a secular business coach who helped the company finally make a profit.

But they also picked up some worldly business philosophies. Philip and Roy backtracked, reorienting themselves to operate with a mindset consistent with Biblical principles and their Anabaptist heritage.

As Rosewood’s customers grew, Rosewood grew along with them, tackling the challenges of serving the needs of larger businesses. Then in 2006, Roy and Philip sold the business. Roy, in partnership with Clair High, took back ownership of the company in November, 2009.

A pivot to marketing consulting

By 2010, several other design companies and freelancers, about half of them former Rosewood employees, were now serving Anabaptist businesses. Roy and Clair discussed the competitive landscape and decided to shift Rosewood in a new direction.

Rosewood would continue to offer design and photography services. But rather than selling only a project (a brochure or website, for example), Rosewood would shift to a consulting-based approach. In this approach, the client and Rosewood consider the big picture, define the overall strategy and budget, and plan projects that work together to support their marketing strategy.

Clients were already asking for this, sensing that they needed a guide to help them create a profitable path forward through unfamiliar marketing terrain.

“Are You Growing?”

This question is our tagline, and it’s our goal for both you and for ourselves. We desire to grow in exemplifying our core values of Creativity, Communication, Wisdom, Diligence, and Integrity.

Do you wish your marketing would be more effective? Our mission is to guide you through your marketing challenges into sustainable growth.