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Don’t see the right opening for you but feel like you could thrive in a place like Rosewood? We’d still love to talk.

Imagine if you found your work…


Are you hungry for more out of your work?

Picture this:

You love your job helping people. It fits you. You’re learning new skills with a curious, sincere, and talented team. Best of all, they share your values. You’re thriving.

That’s what your career should be. But too often it isn’t.


  • Your job feels like a too-small jacket and you’re stuck.
  • Your work culture hinders your growth.
  • You catch yourself questioning what could be.
  • You’re struggling with burnout.


Work should be a place to develop your gifts while helping others.

Rekindle purpose and satisfaction at work.

Enjoy personal growth through ongoing training.

Stop burning time at a job you outgrew.

Discover a work/life balance that keeps you fueled.

Lay boredom and burnout to rest.

Solve exciting business challenges.

Usher businesses into their sweet spot with a team you trust and respect.

Find Your Niche Helping Businesses Find Theirs

All of us were there once, too: trying to find a place to use our skills; seeking change and growth. And this is what we’re saying.

I love the Christ-centered atmosphere in the workplace, and the focus on serving Plain Community businesses! Rosewood invests in us as people to help us better serve our clients. It's also an incredible blessing to work remotely from Central America, where our family also serves in foster care.

- Stephen Ebersole, Marketing Guide

The team at Rosewood makes all the difference. . . It’s said that your life is shaped by those you surround yourself with. I have to agree. And I’m blessed to say that at Rosewood, that has been for the better.

- Luke Flory, Marketing Coach

One of the things that I enjoy about working for Rosewood Marketing is the strong focus on TEAM. I was pleasantly surprised to discover the extraordinary amount of time and resources Rosewood invests into the personal growth of their employees as well as the growth of the team. Team workshops, team meetings, paid training time, team lunches, and team activities all contribute to a great work environment where personal and team growth take place.

- Dwain Martin, SEO Digital Marketer

I applied at Rosewood hoping for a chance to use creativity in everyday work. It has definitely given me that, as well as the opportunity to grow my skills and reach personal goals while doing a job that I enjoy.

- Janessa Weaver, Graphic Designer

I appreciate working at Rosewood Marketing because of the Christian culture created by coworkers that share my beliefs and values. The godly environment makes it a refreshing place to work. I have been at Rosewood Marketing since 2016 and have been able to grow and develop skills as a website developer. Overall, I am blessed to be a part of the Rosewood Marketing team.

- Jared Nolt, Web Developer

Here’s How You’ll Grow…

Leadership is committed to Finding the Right Role for your skills and passions to be used to their fullest potential.

Your manager will hold Quarterly Conversations with you, dedicated to discussing and supporting your career path and growth.

You’re allotted time and resources for Personal and Professional Development and Training each month.

Guided by these Core Values

  • Creativity in Problem-Solving
  • Hunger for Personal Growth
  • Purposeful Communication
  • Pursuit of Humble Excellence
  • Passion for Client Success

The Benefits You’ll Receive

  • Paid Time Off + Paid Holidays
  • Quarterly Profit Sharing
  • Competitive Salary
  • Training and Career Development
  • Flexible Work, with Opportunities for Remote and Hybrid Work
  • Work Laptops and Tech Provided 
  • Professional and Beautiful Workspace at the Main Office
  • Complimentary Coffee, Tea, and Snacks
  • Company Lunches, Outings, and Celebrations
  • Annual Team Dinner and Picnic
  • Prayer and Support
  • Flexible Leave for Missions & Ministry
  • Healthy Work-Life Balance
  • A Work Environment of Mutual Trust

Here’s How to Get Started




if Rosewood is for you.

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8 Questions to Start You on a Clear Path to Career Growth

Yes, growth can be scary. Yes, staying where you are is often the easier route. But is that what you want? No matter the career you choose, it should allow you to flourish and never prevent your growth. Find out more about discovering the right career path for you with our downloadable pdf.


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8 Questions to Start You on a Clear Path to Career Growth

Find out more about discovering the right career path for you with our downloadable pdf.

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