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How can you create emails that your readers will want to open? And not only open but also click the links and skim the content?
Open Brookside Timber Frame’s new brochure, and you’ll come face to face with Brock the Beaver. Who’s Brock? And why is he there?
When you take the time to clarify your marketing message, you do the work so your customer doesn't have to. The company that communicates most clearly and simply will win.  Will that company be yours?
Does updating your catalog every year cause you to lose heart?  Do you find yourself saying (like you said last year), There’s got to be an easier way to do this?
Naming a company is similar to naming a baby
For those of you who have children, how do you settle on names for them that make both you and your spouse say, “Yes!”? Now think about finding a new name for your business. What “tests” should a business name pass before it’s ready to launch into the world?
Exemplar new sales brochure
When Lawrence Martin first considered the Marketing Guide Path™ at Rosewood, he was hesitant. Lawrence thrives in troubleshooting grain dryer breakdowns, scaling grain bins, or helping a farmer plan his grain-handing system. But his work also keeps him busy, making it hard for him to put enough time into marketing. 
business owner and Rosewood Marketing Guide confer
HooverTec needed a new website. Their site lacked functionality, and it looked dated. It wasn’t much more than a bulletin board with various product data sheets posted on it.  A new website could do much more for them.
Do you ever feel like your marketing is a maze? And all you have is a poorly marked map? Our Marketing Strategy Coaches are critical in helping our clients know where they are and where they should be going.
Burkholder Trailers digital marketing
Imagine a trailer dealer. Few leads. Bored salesmen. Full lots. An anxious bookkeeper. Now imagine a dial that amps up the flow of leads or tones it down according to your capacity. Imagine productive salesmen contributing to a 30% + conversion rate that’s continuing to climb.
Aspire renovation project
Does changing a brand sound risky? Do you wonder if it’s necessary?  DF Building’s Marketing Guide™ and Coach strongly recommended a rebrand. Here’s why.
“I have to see it to believe it.” Is that what your customers are saying? Good photography helps to bring your customers from skepticism to trust because your customers get to “see it” with their own eyes.
Have you ever been caught in a crowd with people jostling you from all directions? You couldn’t move fast. Your sense of direction started to slip. Depending on the atmosphere of the crowd, you may have held on to your wallet more tightly than usual.  It’s easy to feel lost when it comes to marketing.