New Website Sparks Energy for HooverTec

HooverTec needed a new website. Their site lacked functionality, and it looked dated. It wasn’t much more than a bulletin board with various product data sheets posted on it. 

A new website could do much more for them.

Revving for Decades

Hoover Diesel (now HooverTec) began in 1974 to provide the Amish communities with industrial diesel engines, parts, and services. Today, they continue to serve off-grid communities with high-quality diesel generators. In addition, HooverTec installs and services stand-by gensets, rebuilds off-highway diesel engines, and provides many repair shops with engine rebuild parts and accessories.

business owner and Rosewood Marketing Guide confer
Delmar Hoover, owner of HooverTec, speaking with Stephen Ebersole, Rosewood Marketing Guide, at the HooverTec office in New Holland, PA.

Fuel for the Website

In 2019, Hoover Diesel joined the Marketing Guide Path™ at Rosewood. Things soon started happening. Hoover Diesel became HooverTec, sporting a simple, but dynamic logo and an exciting red-white-and-navy brand scheme. The rebrand provided the impetus for a passel of new marketing materials. Although a website looked like a significant investment, it was the right time.

off grid page on HooverTec website
Part of the “off-grid” page on the new website.

Website Goals

HooverTec had several goals for the new website:

  1. Incorporate their new brand and update the design and functionality.
  2. Set up an online parts store.
  3. Display product data sheets, service manuals, and technical documents for downloading. 

One of the challenges of building HooverTec’s website was bridging the gap between Rosewood’s limited knowledge of diesel engines and HooverTec’s intricate understanding of the ins and outs of diesel power. Technical website projects like HooverTec often mean more phone and email time between Rosewood and the client, but the final product is worth it.

Home page of the HooverTec website
The home page header on the HooverTec website.

Building On

The first phase of HooverTec’s website was completed in February 2021. A year after the 

website went live, the parts store was added, making it possible for customers to view and request parts. “It’s an evolving website,” says Jared, web developer at Rosewood. “We’ve continued to update SEO terms and picture galleries, the team page, and the parts store.” 

HooverTec online parts store
The parts store allows customers to easily search by SKU or name.

Surprising Benefits

One of the unexpected benefits of the website has been the contact form. Customers can post and submit their service or product questions off hours or at night. HooverTec responds the next day. “The contact form has been helpful,” says Delmar Hoover, owner of HooverTec. “And [inquiries] are on the increase.”

Contact form on the HooverTec website
The contact form has sparked more communication than the email address that was previously posted.

Because of factors like inflation, their rebrand, and advertising, it’s hard to tie HooverTec’s increase in revenue directly to their new website. “We do get quite a few inquiries and follow through on sales, though, so we are confident of the path we chose,” says Delmar.

The Values Agree

Why does HooverTec recommend Rosewood? Delmar says, “Largely because of their insight into the marketing industry and how our values and Rosewood’s aligned. There are certain things that we’re not going to want to be part of and that’s understood.”

HooverTecs owner confers with Rosewood Marketing Guide

Where Do You Need to Grow?

HooverTec’s website project was set in the context of the Marketing Guide Path. The Marketing Guide Path is Rosewood’s holistic marketing program that seeks to grow businesses in a balanced way through goal setting, accountability, and marketing projects. 

“Rosewood has helped us to better understand the marketing processes. I’ve learned that there can be a lot more depth involved in marketing and messaging than just a simple print ad that ‘looks nice,’” Delmar says. 

“I appreciate that a company like Rosewood is offering their services to the Anabaptist community,” Delmar says. “Rosewood helps bridge the gap from Anabaptist businesses to the greater market.”

Are you struggling to communicate your offerings to the marketplace? Are your marketing materials outdated, inconsistent, or confusing? Is it time for something new? The Marketing Guide Path helps you make a plan and then turns that plan into ads, websites, and more. Throughout the process, you meet regularly with an advisor (Marketing Guide) who makes sure projects stay on track and your goals are being met. Does that sound like what you need? 

Explore our website to learn more. Schedule a call, and we’ll discern together if Rosewood is right for you.

About the Author Cari Hochstetler is a copywriter at Rosewood Marketing. She enjoys seeing creativity bring wonder and hope to the world. Contact Cari at