Brock the Beaver: “We Gnaw What We’re Doing”

Brookside Timber Frame’s New Brochure Project

Open Brookside Timber Frame’s new brochure, and you’ll come face to face with Brock the Beaver.  

Who’s Brock? And why is he there? 

Let’s find out. 

Brookside Timber Frame backyard pergola

Brookside Timber Frame is a sapling of a company that put down roots in 2018. Eli and his team at Brookside build mostly timber frame structures for high-end outdoor living: pergolas, pavilions, and a few barns. They also sell pavilion kits through a dealer program.

Brookside Timber Frame logo

A Brand Remodel and the Birth of a Beaver

Eli, founder of Brookside says, “I felt Rosewood would take us to the level of a more professional brand.”

The Brookside brand needed to match their work–the majestic, ancient craft of timber framing. It needed to embody the quality of massive solid wooden beams and the ingenuity and strength of mortise and tenon joints held together by wooden pegs. It needed to feel physical. 

Shandon, brand designer at Rosewood, took up the challenge. A mix of vibrant, warm, earthy colors; bold and distinctive fonts; and a chunky icon illustrative of timbers and ancient joinery make up the Brookside brand. . . except for one more thing. Brock, the Beaver! 

Brock the Brookside Timber Frame mascot

Brock loves puns. He loves big timbers. He loves to work hard. And he loves to help others with his timber frame expertise. What better mascot than a beaver to represent Brookside? His addition to the brand catches eyes and creates smiles. And his puns trigger chuckles wherever he goes: “When it comes to timber frames, we gnaw what we’re doing.”

Brookside Timber Frame logo icon

Eli, Brookside owner, really enjoys the new brand. “I like how the logo icon represents our hefty timbers in the letter B. I like the colors. They’re a lot cleaner, and they blend a lot better than what we had before. The other thing I really like is the beaver illustration, along with the gnaw pun,” Eli says. 

The Brand Hard at Work

As soon as the brand creation was finished, Chloe, a designer at Rosewood, began creating new collateral for Brookside–a catalog (one for dealers and one for customers), a dealer handbook, and a tri-fold brochure. 

Graphic designers create eye-catching print brochures

Designing the Tri-Fold Brochure

Of these print projects, Eli’s favorite is the tri-fold brochure. To design the brochure, Chloe used the brand manual as a guide to the correct elements: colors, fonts, and special touches like the timber end motifs. She says, “I really like the updated brand. It is cleaner and fits their company better. It was a lot easier to make the designs eye-catching.”  

Brookside Timber Frame brochure details
Notice the bullet points made to look like the ends of timber frames. Small touches like these add interest to the brand.

A Tour of the Brochure

The purpose of the brochure was to help get clients past the premium price point. Eli says, “The messaging was definitely a big benefit of the brochure.” The first inside panel champions the memory-making potential of an outdoor space. Another panel explains the science of timber framing. And another lists seven reasons for choosing timber frame construction. 

Print brochure for Brookside Timber Frame
Print brochure for Brookside Timber Frame

On one panel, Brock the Beaver shows up with a list of reasons to choose Brookside. The back panel of the brochure contains a QR code that takes people to the online catalog where they can browse Brookside’s lineup of premium pergola and pavilion models. 

Eli says, “We definitely have a clean, professionally-designed brochure, not as busy as what we had before. In the past, we didn’t have brand consistency, and we didn’t have color consistency.”

Through the Forest on the Marketing Guide Path™

Having an experienced marketer at their side has helped Brookside navigate the twists and turns that a young company faces. Working with Rosewood “has helped us fill up our pipeline for production. It has helped us to manage our marketing better with the Marketing Guide monthly action session. It has definitely been a big help for us in planning our marketing and sales. As a result, our company is more professionalized and modernized,” says Eli. 

Their new brand affects not only customer perception but internal company perception as well, particularly for the sales team. “It shows that we care about how we represent our company,” says Eli. 

Outdoor pavilion Rosewood client, Brookside Timber Frame

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