Trailer Dealer Hauls in New Leads

Burkholder Trailers New Holland, \PA

Imagine a trailer dealer.

Few leads. Bored salesmen. Full lots. An anxious bookkeeper.

Now imagine a dial that amps up the flow of leads or tones it down according to your capacity. Imagine productive salesmen contributing to a 30% + conversion rate that’s continuing to climb. Imagine seeing trailer after trailer roll off your lots.

And imagine the bookkeeper with coffee in hand, smiling. 

Burkholder Manufacturing is a trailer dealer with branches in three different Eastern Pennsylvania counties. In the competitive trailer retail industry, they couldn’t afford a stagnant digital presence or lousy lead management.

“We really see good results with the Google ads projects.”

Over the past year, we’ve been supporting Burkholder Manufacturing by managing their Google ads program. In addition, we helped Burkholder Manufacturing improve their lead management by connecting their CRM to their website.

Burkholder Trailers Digital Marketing

1. Managing a Google advertising campaign

We launched a PPC (pay-per-click) Google advertising campaign for Burkholder Manufacturing.

Here’s how it works. A customer searches for a trailer on Google. Burkholder’s ad appears with the other search results. (The word “sponsored” tags the ad.) When the customer clicks the ad, he is taken to Burkholder’s website.

The ability to control who sees the ads is one thing that makes the ads potent. Henry, a Rosewood web developer, explains, “We can adjust the campaign settings to control where the ads show: location-wise, age-wise, gender-wise, device-wise, and time-wise (what time of the day). This helps us target the right customers. Another important aspect is ad copy. We want the ad copy to attract the right people and repel the ones that won’t be a good fit.”

Burkholder Trailers Google search

Burkholder Manufacturing is paying Google for each of those “prime” customers to arrive on their website. They need to make sure those customers don’t get dropped or missed.

The first tactic is having a clear website that gives visitors the information they’re looking for. Otherwise, the money spent getting them to the website is wasted when they click away. 

The next tactic is inviting prospective customers to fill out a contact form. They are interested! But they won’t wait long.

How can Burkholder Manufacturing ensure that each of those people receives a prompt response? That’s where it gets exciting.

Burkholder Trailers Digital response form

2. Connecting a CRM and website for optimum lead care

Together, Rosewood and Burkholder Manufacturing connected Burkholder’s CRM to the contact form on their website. Now, when the potential customer hits “submit,” the information on the contact form is transplanted into Burkholder’s CRM.

Before I explain what happens next, let’s take a brief look at Burkholder’s CRM from On, information is stored on “boards,” a type of advanced spreadsheet. With an inventory board, a new leads board, and a contacts board, a salesman has all he needs at his fingertips.

When a new contact from the website lands in Burkholder’s CRM, a manager can assign the lead to any of the salesmen at any of their locations. That salesman has all the contact information for the lead, along with the trailer model that the customer is interested in. He can connect with the customer promptly, and all the information he needs for future follow-ups is stored automatically in a central database.

Digital Marketing for Burkholder Trailers

3. Seeing the results of the ads and integration

Nelson Eberly, sales manager at Burkholder Manufacturing, says: “We really see good results with the Google ads projects.” He notes how much the Google ads affect their lead flow. “Say we’re overloaded with leads. . . we can dial back the Google ads, and the leads become more manageable. Likewise, if we are slow, we can increase the Google ads, and the leads increase.”

In addition, the website and CRM integration has been a huge benefit. “It’s less data entry for us, which saves time,” says Nelson.

In Burkholder’s CRM, there is a “New Leads” board. On this spreadsheet, a column tracks the “Lead Type”: Google ads, Google organic, etc. “This helps us see which ads are beneficial,” Nelson says. 

Remember the 30%+ conversion rate we referenced at the beginning? That’s no exaggeration. A targeted Google ad campaign, a clear website, the integration of website and CRM, and disciplined, competent salesmen is a winning combination that is paying off.

Burkholder Trailers digital marketing

Untapped Potential

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