Use Professional Photos. Get Better Results.

“I have to see it to believe it.” Is that what your customers are saying? Good photography helps to bring your customers from skepticism to trust because your customers get to “see it” with their own eyes.

Good photos pull your customers into the action. They help your customers know what to expect. Through your photos, your customers learn to know you, and this builds trust. Finally, good photos enable customers to envision concretely the success they might have if they do business with you.

LnR Feed & Grain Handling Systems is a grain equipment company in the Mid-Atlantic region of the US. They build custom grain setups for farmers and feed mill operators. Millwright services and custom fabrication round out their business.

With a brochure coming down the pike and exciting company developments on the horizon, it was the perfect time for fresh photos. One of the goals of this photoshoot was to show an overview of the building process: shots in the shop making parts, closeup details of some custom fabrication, designing a setup with blueprints, and, finally, an on-site grain operation assembly.

“Good photography helps to bring your customers from skepticism to trust.”

Steve, a Rosewood photographer, met with Lawrence, LnR’s owner, to hear his objectives and ensure they were on the same page. The first photoshoot took place in July at Stoltzfus Grain in Lewisburg, PA.

Capturing the Action

Steve says, “I try to tell the story well, watching out for good composition. I look for interesting stuff that would make a good picture.” Drone photography made it possible to capture the drama of building a bucket elevator. Check out the crane stretching its lean muscles as the LnR team works high in the air.


A month later, Steve finished the project at LnR’s shop, where he captured photos of the team designing sites and welding parts. These kinds of behind-the-scenes photos will help LnR’s potential customers feel more acquainted with LnR, something that stock photos can’t accomplish.

“Behind-the-scenes photos will help potential customers feel more acquainted with LnR, something that stock photos can’t accomplish.”

LnR is a dealer for Sukup Manufacturing, a large grain equipment provider with dealers all over the US and beyond. The first picture in this post was selected for Sukup’s 2023 calendar, one of the twelve chosen out of all the entries that got submitted. Lawrence says, “That is a testament to Steve’s (and Rosewood’s) excellent work. Of course, I’m biased, but I really think it is one of the best in the whole calendar.”

One of the new photos is now Lawrence’s background for Zoom meetings with other vendors and suppliers, sparking interest and several compliments.

Lawrence says, “I wanted high-quality photos, but I didn’t have the time or the expertise to get them done.” With Rosewood’s help, Lawrence now has the photos he needs for his upcoming marketing projects–photos that will build rapport and draw his customers into the action. And when people see the photos of an LnR customer’s flourishing grain operation in a lovely agricultural setting, they will more easily be able to picture their own success with LnR.

Don’t underestimate the power of professional photos. Are your photos compelling? Do they speak “who you are” to your customers? Does the quality of your photos showcase the quality of your work?

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