Where Are Your Marketing Dollars Going?

A Buckeye Story of Marketing Success

Have you ever been caught in a crowd with people jostling you from all directions? You couldn’t move fast. Your sense of direction started to slip. Depending on the atmosphere of the crowd, you may have held on to your wallet more tightly than usual. 

It’s easy to feel lost when it comes to marketing. Business demands jostle against you. Different marketing companies point you in different directions. And even though you’re trying to keep track of where your marketing dollars are going, it’s hard when you’ve hired multiple companies for different projects.

How do you get out of a marketing maze?

Jay Miller leads a thriving 5-star metal manufacturing company called Buckeye Metals. Like many businessmen, he knew their marketing suffered. First, they were short on useful marketing materials. Buckeye needed quality brochures and resources that matched the quality of their innovative products and that did a better job of answering customer questions. 

“It was hard to keep track of where all our marketing dollars were going.”

In addition, Buckeye’s website wasn’t lifting its share of the load. Buckeye didn’t need their website to bring in more work; they were already very busy. But the website was actually causing unwelcome work. Because it lacked information their customers expected to find, Buckeye was receiving a large volume of phone calls. 

Second, it was hard to juggle the different marketing companies that Buckeye was working with. One company worked on Google analytics, another worked on the website interface and design, and another created billboards. “Our marketing felt scattered, and it was hard to keep track of where all our marketing dollars were going,” Jay said. 

Setting out on the Marketing Guide™ Path

Buckeye Metals began the journey with Rosewood in the spring of 2021. Luke, Rosewood’s Marketing Coach, and Marvin, a Rosewood Marketing Guide™, led Jay through a four-session marketing strategy consultation. From this consultation, they gained a foundation on which to build an effective marketing plan for the year. Jay received a report that explored the following areas: 

  • Buckeye’s top 3 marketing challenges
  • Their target market
  • Their unique selling proposition (USP)
  • Three key marketing message points
  • A marketing budget for the next 12 months
  • A prioritized list of initiatives that would address Buckeye’s marketing challenges

Another aspect of these first steps was discerning Buckeye’s vision, mission, and core values. “Rosewood asked a lot of really good questions that helped pull out who we are and where we want to go,” says Jay gratefully. Working through all the preliminary business “soul-searching” was new for Buckeye.

“Bringing all our marketing efforts under one roof has been huge. There has been much less frustration.”

“It was a lot bigger than marketing. It’s been really good from a business perspective and has helped us make other business decisions,” Jay says. 

Following the messaging map to marketing treasure

With a core messaging document as a map to help direct the messages, Buckeye’s marketing projects started coming to life: a new logo, brochures, ads, billboards, and best of all, a new website. With clear content that answers customers’ questions up-front and fresh professional photography that shows customers what they can anticipate, the website is doing its work well. “The before and after of our website is like night and day,” Jay said. 

“Bringing all our marketing efforts under one roof has been huge. There has been much less frustration,” says Jay. Instead of everything feeling scattered and hard to track, Jay feels the momentum. He says, “The budget is crystal clear, and the communication back and forth is great. Somebody always seems to follow up to keep specific projects moving. And the clarity of the budget shows us exactly where our dollars are going.” 

Are you looking to grow your business with focused marketing?

Tired of feeling lost, frustrated, and unsure with your marketing? Many business owners neglect marketing, leading to a fuzzy brand and patchy customer buy-in. A razor-sharp brand and focused marketing can clear the fog, connecting you with the customers that need to find you. Here’s how to get started. 

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About the Author Cari Hochstetler is a copywriter at Rosewood Marketing. She enjoys seeing creativity bring wonder and hope to the world. Contact Cari at carihochstetler@rosewood.us.com.