Get to Know Our Marketing Guides

Marketing isn’t only about catchy designs and witty words. Marketing scores a touchdown when there’s a plan. If you’ve been reading our case studies, you’re likely familiar with the terms “Marketing Guide™” and “Marketing Guide Path™” by now. In this case study, you get to shake hands with the folks at the center of helping our clients create and execute their plans. 

What do you love about your job?

Marvin Martin is head of sales and marketing at Rosewood. Before he came to Rosewood, he ran a woodworking shop with his brother. Now Marvin uses his business acumen to strategize marketing plans for other small businesses. No matter if it’s an entrepreneur who is struggling to keep his marketing consistent or a seasoned business owner who can’t keep up with all his marketing options, Marvin enjoys helping each business find its sweet spot. 

Marvin says, “Business has always intrigued me. One of the things that really excites me is putting together a marketing plan for a client and then seeing the successful results and rejoicing with our client.” 

“At some jobs, you need to make yourself look really good. At Rosewood, there’s less pressure to look good. It’s more important to serve our clients.”

“The business strategy plus the project management is what I love about my job,” says Caleb Yoder from his remote station in Mexico. “Also, I enjoy the opportunity to interact with like-minded professionals. When I don’t have the answer, I can find someone who does.” 

“I’ve been given the necessary tools, equipment, and training to do my job. At some jobs, you need to make yourself look really good. At Rosewood, there’s less pressure to look good. It’s more important to serve our clients.” 

A day in the life of a Marketing Guide

Modern technology opens the door to a possibility that didn’t exist even fifteen years ago–the ability to work remotely. Two of our marketing guides serve as missionaries in other countries. Their counter-cultural experience brings diversity and strength to the team.  

One of these Marketing Guides is Stephen Ebersole. When Rosewood clients talk to Stephen on the phone, they may hear tropical birds singing or roosters crowing. That’s because Stephen’s post is in a rural Honduran mountain village.

Every morning he walks to his home office, a metal shed with the door open to the sunlight and the breeze. He checks his email and calendar and sketches his plans for the day. Working remotely adds some unique dimensions. For Stephen, that includes living in a different time zone than most of his coworkers. 

Stephen finds his job fulfilling. “Marketing Guide work is exciting because you’re never doing the same thing over and over. There are always new challenges to find solutions for,” Stephen says. 

Who gets the most out of the Marketing Guide Path?

Our clients span a wide range of businesses: shed manufacturing and retail, restaurants, metal manufacturing, barn restoration, flooring retail, and more. Businesses come to Rosewood for different reasons. Some aren’t able to get their marketing done, others want a plan and accountability so their marketing stays consistent, and others are confused with all the marketing channels available to them.

But all of our Marketing Guide clients share common ground as members of the Plain Community. 

“A great client views Rosewood as a part of their company team–their marketing branch. Their marketing projects are direct investments to continue the success of their businesses,” says Ed Freed. Ed builds websites and also serves a few clients as a Marketing Guide. 

“Marketing Guide work is exciting because you’re never doing the same thing over and over. There are always new challenges to find solutions for.”

Our clients want their businesses to help people. “The business owner who loves God and sees his business as part of building the Kingdom–that’s someone who shares our values,” says Ed. “Transparency and honesty are characteristics of our ideal client. Our clients enjoy hard work, family involvement, and business growth. They know where they want to go with their business and look to Rosewood to help them get there.”

What are the rewards of being a Marketing Guide?

Marketing Guide work is fulfilling. Annual strategy sessions and monthly action sessions provide a lot of back and forth between Marketing Guides and their clients and build camaraderie. 

“Figuring out what clicks for a specific client is rewarding,” says Adrian, Rosewood’s head of operations who doubles as a Marketing Guide for several clients. 

“It’s important to communicate well by phone, Zoom, or email to understand the client’s needs and solve them creatively. You need to learn what works and lean into that and stop doing what’s not working. Then you can find ways to market that differ from the competition.”

Adrian values the friendships he has formed with clients over his 7 years at Rosewood. “As a Marketing Guide, you get a lot of people interaction,” says Adrian. “Our purpose is to inspire growth God’s way. Marketing Guides have a unique opportunity to be a godly influence, not only through marketing, but also through the life discussions we get into.”

Would you like to work with Rosewood? 

Are you a business owner trying to juggle too many things, and marketing is the ball that keeps dropping? Schedule a phone call with our sales rep to see if we’re the right fit for you. 

Or do you love to see businesses grow and want to partner with Anabaptist entrepreneurs as a Marketing Guide? We’re seeking to grow our Marketing Guide team. Visit or send an email to We’d love to explore if Rosewood is a good fit for you. 

About the Author Cari Hochstetler is a copywriter at Rosewood Marketing. She enjoys seeing creativity bring wonder and hope to the world. Contact Cari at