Elaine Shirk

Elaine Shirk - Copywriter

Elaine Shirk


Elaine Shirk has been captivated by written words for as long as she can remember. When a spare moment comes (or maybe before), she’ll snatch the opportunity to indulge in a good book–probably a historical narrative, adventure story, or classic. As a copywriter for Rosewood, Elaine delights in the challenge -and thrill- of finding the perfect words for the need at hand.

Elaine lives near Schaefferstown, where she enjoys birdwatching in her backyard, volunteering with the local ambulance, or engaging in an aggressive game of spikeball with friends.

After ten years of teaching, Elaine is excited to broaden her horizons and improve her writing skills at Rosewood. She also desires to bless others as she has been blessed.