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confidence in crisis

Don’t Take Down the Hotdog Sign

You may have heard one or more versions of The Hot Dog Vendor Fable. It’s worth repeating at this moment in history.*

Joe was your average Joe. As a young father, he bootstrapped his way into success with a street corner hotdog stand. But then he made a critical mistake. Actually, a very common mistake. A mistake that you and I are at risk of making this very moment.

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Clarifying Your Business Purpose (Part 2 of 7)

This is the second article in a series called Biblical Principles for Sales and Marketing. The first article shared five principles that are foundational to Biblical marketing decisions:
1. Love. And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise. Luke 6:31

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Five Biblical Principles for Sales and Marketing

Nehemiah felt like pulling his hair out. There they were, set up outside the city wall. Not long before, Nehemiah had confronted the Jews about doing business on the Sabbath. They had been treading grapes, loading up their donkeys with grain, and bringing their products to Jerusalem all on the Sabbath.

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is your to-do list overwhelming you?

Is Your To-Do List Taller Than You Are?

Is your personal workload holding back your entire company? Two days in a row I had the same conversation with two different clients. They weren’t completing simple tasks related to key marketing projects, and as a result, were holding up the entire workflow on the projects. All they needed to do was invest a half hour of work, but in the past three weeks or three months they hadn’t gotten to it.

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Ready, Set, Go . . . the Power of Three

Take a look at this list. All of the following concepts share a common characteristic. Can you identify it?

Primary colors The Godhead A musical chord U.S. government The makeup of a human being
Now that you’ve had a little time to think about it, could you make a good guess? Maybe you’re wondering, What does this have to do with marketing?

What these all have in…

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Pebbles Family Buffet Exterior with new sign

Renovating a Restaurant Brand and Website

Amongst the gently rolling hills of Ontario stands Pebbles Family Buffet, a Mennonite restaurant specializing in home-style cuisine. A recent remodel of the restaurant set different goals for the brand. They updated the decor to give the restaurant a classier atmosphere, and Pebbles also changed their food production and service to become a more upscale restaurant. With this change, it was time for a new website. Their old, out-dated one didn’t reflect the new experience, and the platform it was on would no longer be supported.

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GPS gave out - car is on the rocks

Are Unrealistic Expectations Setting You Up for SEO Failure?

This summer my family and I packed our car, fueled up, and left Pennsylvania for a vacation in which we traversed several states. Each day we made plans to arrive at our destination at a specific time.

We used a GPS to plan our daily excursions and stay on schedule. One feature of a GPS is calculating an estimated arrival time. But somehow, our actual arrival times were rarely what the GPS initially told us! In fact, we often arrived much later. Has this ever happened to you?

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paint stand with newly designed paint cans

Branding the Can: How We Created Labels for A&L Paint

Packaging can look nice, but to do its job well, it should help sell the product. Suitable packaging needs research before to inform the design. Since the customer sees your product’s packaging first, they unconsciously allow it to affect their purchasing decision.

A&L Paint manufactures water-based latex low VOC coatings, stains, paints, floor finishes, and poly-urethanes…

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The Medium is the Message

Touch and feel can be everything when promoting a premium product. The medium, or the way a message is conveyed, may be just as important as the message itself. In fact, Marshall Mcluhan says that the medium is the message. This concept applies to marketing. Companies should communicate their message through a medium that fits and complements their brand…

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