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Five Biblical Principles Series: Branding

This is the seventh article in a series called Biblical Principles for Sales and Marketing. Throughout the series, we’ve explored ways that these five principles apply to our everyday marketing decisions. This article gives you a new way to think about branding so that you can more clearly understand how to build your own business’s brand in a way that honors God.

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How Sell Sheets Streamlined the Sales Process for Belmont Trailers

Belmont Trailers’ dealers were frustrated. Belmont Trailers, a respected trailer manufacturer in Lancaster County, PA, offers trailers which can be built to order based on many sizes, options, and accessories. The buying options are nearly endless, and they desperately needed a visual to send along with their clients’ quotes.

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Man thinking "I wish I remembered what my wife's favorite color is".

Five Biblical Principles Series: Sales and CRM

This is the sixth article in a series called Biblical Principles for Sales and Marketing. For the purpose of this article, sales is the direct communication that a company representative has with a prospect. A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is the paper system or software the representative uses to keep a record of past communication with a customer and to set reminders for follow up.

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A Visualizer: One Way to Make Your Customer’s Decisions Easier

Have you ever stood at a service desk with a helpful salesperson smiling patiently at you—waiting for you to decide on the specific color, style, or size of a product you’re considering purchasing? The clock ticks loudly. You don’t have all day. And you’re pretty sure the salesperson doesn’t either. But the looming pressure of the clock, clerk, and a perfect purchase make a final decision nearly impossible.

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Graphs that lie

Lead Conversion (Part 5 of 7)

This is the fifth article in a series called Biblical Principles for Sales and Marketing. In the previous article on lead generation, I wrote, “To generate more leads, you need to get people to ‘raise their hand’ and let you know they are interested.” But what should you do after you know they have interest?

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the difference a marketing guide can make

The Difference a Marketing Guide Can Make

Perhaps you have encountered a new term in Rosewood’s literature: “marketing guide”. Perhaps you have wondered…What exactly is a Marketing Guide? Can I have confidence someone outside my industry will really understand my needs—even if they are a “professional”? Is this just another “unnecessary cost” associated with marketing? Is this of any value to me, since my business is doing “half decent” without outside input?

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confidence in crisis

How to Discover Your Core Values

When you know your vision, mission, and core values, you can make good decisions quickly. At Rosewood, we call these Root Statements. The first step in knowing your roots is to discover and clarify what they are. In the two previous Confidence in Crisis articles, we discussed Vision and Mission. Today, we will dive into Core Values. As a reminder, here are the definitions for each of the three Roots.

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Lead Generation (Part 4 of 7)

This is the fourth article in a series called Biblical Principles for Sales and Marketing. In this series, we are taking the following five principles and applying them to different aspects of marketing. In this article, we are considering lead generation.

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confidence in crisis

How to Create a Vision Statement

Have you ever heard someone say, “You need to know where you’re going if you ever want to get there?” It’s the truth. Two weeks ago, we talked about building a strong foundation to stand on by “knowing your roots”. This week, we want to take a step forward— discussing how to craft a vision statement. When you know your roots and have a vision statement, you’ll be anchored securely and moving steadily forward.

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