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is your to-do list overwhelming you?

Is Your To-Do List Taller Than You Are?

Is your personal workload holding back your entire company? Two days in a row I had the same conversation with two different clients. They weren’t completing simple tasks related to key marketing projects, and as a result, were holding up the entire workflow on the projects. All they needed to do was invest a half hour of work, but in the past three weeks or three months they hadn’t gotten to it.

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Ready, Set, Go . . . the Power of Three

Take a look at this list. All of the following concepts share a common characteristic. Can you identify it?

Primary colors The Godhead A musical chord U.S. government The makeup of a human being
Now that you’ve had a little time to think about it, could you make a good guess? Maybe you’re wondering, What does this have to do with marketing?

What these all have in…

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GPS gave out - car is on the rocks

Are Unrealistic Expectations Setting You Up for SEO Failure?

This summer my family and I packed our car, fueled up, and left Pennsylvania for a vacation in which we traversed several states. Each day we made plans to arrive at our destination at a specific time.

We used a GPS to plan our daily excursions and stay on schedule. One feature of a GPS is calculating an estimated arrival time. But somehow, our actual arrival times were rarely what the GPS initially told us! In fact, we often arrived much later. Has this ever happened to you?

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machine gears

Is It Really a Marketing Problem?

Imagine that your product was so unique and popular that it practically marketed itself, many people were excited about its features and performance, and orders were pouring in.

Such is the case for Tesla, an electric vehicle manufacturer.

But now imagine that you can’t manufacture your product quickly enough to meet demand—not even quickly enough to meet your promises to…

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I Don’t Have Money for Marketing!

His tone was desperate: “How can we increase sales? We’re losing money and are almost out of cash. If something doesn’t change, we’ll be forced to close.”

How would you respond? I could offer heartfelt sympathy, but what good was that? The owners seemed to expect me to hand them a miraculous formula to bail them out of their dilemma.

Their business did not reach this low point…

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Rosewood Marketing

In case you missed it…

In case you missed it…

We have recently moved into our new office building! If you would like to find us, our new address is

924 E Lincoln Ave
Myerstown, PA 17067

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Baystate Outdoor Personia Pool House

4 Benefits of a Professionally Managed PPC Ad Campaign

In 2017, Baystate Outdoor Personia shifted their brand positioning from selling prefab sheds to custom-designed sheds and outdoor solutions. After coming to Rosewood Marketing to do a rebrand, Baystate hired Rosewood to build the new website and manage all aspects of their online marketing, including their pay-per-click (PPC) campaign.

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Diving in the Action

What Stories Are You Telling

“The podium leaned at 27 degrees.”

That’s the first sentence to a story. Well, really it’s the middle of a story. Let’s start at the beginning.

A few years ago my coworker, Matt, and I participated in a story writing class at the Writers & Artists’ Conference at Christian Light in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Samuel Coons helped us hone the skill of crafting captivating opening storylines.

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Buying habits are changing

How to Successfully Navigate Change

Our tagline at Rosewood Marketing is “Are You Growing?” Every day, we work to help our clients grow. But growth means change, and change can be difficult.

Sometimes change pushes us out of our comfort zone, and into new frontiers. We encounter change everywhere—at home, at work, at church. Maybe you have wished things would stop changing. Or maybe you have wished something would change and it didn’t!

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