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finished catalogs for plant nursery

Complicated Catalogs Made Easy

Producing a catalog with lots of detail and repeated content? Are your people tired of entering reams of data manually every year? Then you’ll be interested in learning how we revolutionized Mountain Spring Nursery’s catalog production process through catalog automation.

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Prices subject to change according to customer's attitude

Do Your Customers Feel COURTED?

This sign hangs in the office of a local tire shop: “Prices subject to change according to customer’s attitude.” Anyone in sales or customer service can understand the frustration that inspired the statement! Sometimes we feel like charging certain customers extra because they are so difficult to serve.

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Searching for a gold mine

Customer Marketing: Why and How?

You as a business person are always on the lookout for opportunities. The ability to spot and seize them is a hallmark of a successful entrepreneur.

What if I told you that you might be overlooking an opportunity right on your doorstep? It’s a little like searching the world for a gold mine and coming home to find one six inches under your garden.

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Video editing in progress

A Video Refresh [Case Study]

They say you’ve got to see it to believe it. This old adage contains an element of truth when working to win new customers. People not only want to see your product, but sometimes they also want a glimpse of the process that created it.

Cozy Cabins, a company that builds custom modular log cabins, understands this fact and uses videos to spread the word, attract new customers, and showcase their work. They have featured videos of home installation on their website for years. However, their videos were becoming outdated and didn’t feature the newest cabin models.

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3 levels of business relationships

A Complete Guide to Hiring Outside Marketing Help

When it comes to assistance with your marketing, what kind of expertise should you hire? And after you engage with another company or outside professional, how can you ensure a successful ongoing relationship?

To help with this challenge, we’ve put together a complete guide to working with anyone who offers marketing and advertising services.

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Dealer Day Discussions

Host a Successful Dealer Event

When Windy Valley Woodworks has their annual Dealer Appreciation Day, their goal is to make it enjoyable and productive. One of Windy Valley’s lines of furniture is Finch. Each year, Windy Valley invites Finch dealers to their shop for a convenient way to communicate new product information. The dealers can tour the shop to view many different product displays or take advantage of discounted furniture prices. Seeing new products firsthand educates and inspires dealers in future sales.

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Eisenhower Matrix

Five Marketing Plan Roadblocks (and How to Bypass Them)

February. The month of Groundhog Day, Valentine’s Day, Presidents’ Day…and failed New Year’s resolutions. But your marketing resolutions for 2019 don’t need to suffer the same fate.

If you read our article “I Don’t Need a Marketing Plan” a few months ago, you learned that you do need a marketing plan. Maybe you have even created one! If so, congratulations! You are already a step ahead of many other businesses.

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Flor Haus Ad Samples

Freeing Up Brain Space

As a busy flooring company, Flor Haus’ marketing efforts were scattered, and their advertising results were sporadic. Flor Haus’ associates were hired to sell floors, not design ads, write ad headlines, or contact newspaper publishers. Besides, they were often tied-up with other things. So why not hire a marketing manager? In 2014, Flor Haus came to Rosewood for help developing and executing a marketing plan.

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Zoo Bus

Does the Bible Really Talk About Marketing?

In 2009 German …

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