Whether a street-side lemonade stand or a seven-figure enterprise, every business operates with the same basic systems. If these systems are not understood, engaged, or running properly, the business will suffer and may even fail.

Business Systems

The functions of a business can be categorized into four core systems:

  1. Management: Guiding the business
  2. Finance: Running the business
  3. Marketing: Getting the business
  4. Operations: Doing the business

This diagram illustrates how the four categories are both unique and interconnected.

Business Diagram Infographic

By Default or By Design?

Sometimes businesses find themselves operating in what we call “default mode.” They are not operating under a guiding strategy and vision. Big picture planning is neglected. Some business functions are falling behind or neglected. Businesses operating in default mode occasionally have healthy profits but most are just “getting by.” They often focus heavily on operations because that is where the work gets done—it is the most visible and urgent part of the business. Finance and management get some attention as well, whatever seems necessary. But these businesses usually fail to recognize that marketing is a business system too.

Proactively managed businesses are operated differently. Recognizing the power of design, they employ purposefulness and planning. These businesses engage each of the four systems and fine-tune them until they are a smoothly oiled machine.

In regard to marketing, these two mentalities are manifested in two distinct approaches business owners take. The two approaches typically generate distinctly different results.

  1. The default approach views marketing as a necessary evil. Marketing dollars are spent with a grimace. Marketing seems like a mystical money hole: something you throw money into without much planning in hopes of “winning the sweepstakes.” Unfortunately, plenty of gimmicks out there play on this concept, but most of them don’t work well. Business owners operating from this paradigm are in a plight. They hesitate to spend money on marketing for fear of wasting precious dollars. Yet, they are afraid not to spend for fear of missing valuable leads that fuel their enterprise.
  2. The proactive approach thinks about marketing from the opposite vantage point. This business owner understands that marketing is an essential business system. He understands that marketing is the investment he makes to purchase profits. He carefully researches his market, builds a brand, and creates a Unique Selling Proposition. He thinks in terms of sales goals and strategically formulates and budgets his marketing investments to reach those goals. He plans, tests, measures, and tweaks. And usually he succeeds!

The Irrefutable Principle of the Next Level

In business and in life there is always a next level. There is always a problem to solve or a hurdle to overcome or a period of growth that we need to go through. No matter who we are, each one of us faces resistance that wants to keep us from reaching the next level.

It’s the nature of being human and a fact of running a business. The Japanese principle of kaizen (change for better) that has revolutionized businesses around the world is built on this awareness.

There is always a next level. And most of us need some guidance—an upward boost—to reach it.

The Coaching Mindset

A professional sports team wouldn’t think of trying to operate without a coach. This doesn’t mean the players are weak or deficient. It simply means that they rely on a trained professional to help them intensify their preparedness and work on their weaknesses. In some games, winning or losing comes down to which team has the best coach.

In business, employing a coach is not a sign of weakness. It is the norm for businesses that excel. Through targeted guidance, business coaching provides optimum development for reaching your next level.

The value of coaching can be seen in the fact that the best coaches have mentors and coaches of their own to help them continue learning and growing. We all need that additional input and perspective from other dimensions to fuel our growth.

Embrace the coaching mindset. It will likely be one of the best investments you’ll ever make.

Marketing Consultations

The concept of coaching is at the heart of Rosewood’s approach for helping our clients excel.

Our vision statement is simple and profound: A marketing plan for every business. We are passionate about helping our clients achieve high marketing performance and strong return on marketing investments.

How do we do this? Let’s start with the Marketing Tree™ infographic.

Marketing Tree Infographic

Design projects make up the branches and leaves of the tree. This is often what our prospects are interested in when they call us. And our team does produce attractive, effective designs for postcards, ads, or brochures.

It can be tempting to think that producing these initiatives is all there is to marketing. But we have found that going deeper into the tree is the key to a healthy, proactive, high-yielding marketing system.

Where our clients see strongest return on marketing investment is in the root and trunk of the Marketing Tree™ where marketing initiatives are part of a thoughtfully crafted marketing plan. When sales goals, position in the marketplace, branding, lead generation and lead conversion efforts are aligned, marketing spending becomes a wise investment with strong returns.

Based on the Marketing Tree™ Rosewood offers three initial marketing consultations: Branch, Trunk, and Root. Here is a quick overview:

Branch Assessment Consultation
Defining characteristic: Short-term Planning
The scope of discussion is in the top part of the Marketing Tree™ where the branches emerge out of the trunk and extends into the leaf areas. It is designed for clients interested in a specific design project, but who want to examine the initiative in the bigger context of other branches and initiatives they are planning.

Trunk Assessment Consultation
Defining characteristic: Marketing Strategy
The scope of discussion is deep into the trunk of the Marketing Tree™ and includes market position, the unique selling proposition, and key messaging needs. By defining your strategy in terms of plan, branding, and messaging, you will gain clear direction on how to develop the branches and leaves of your marketing tree.

Root Assessment Consultation
Defining characteristic: Company Vision
The scope of discussion is in the roots of the Marketing Tree™. Although simple in concept, it is surprisingly difficult to distill the “why” of a business into powerful, invigorating vision, mission, and core values. Defining these areas is transformational. When the root is strong, the tree grows well and stays healthy.

In the following diagram, notice how deeper levels of the Marketing Tree™ and their respective consultation packages integrate more deeply with the core of the company’s business systems. Although our coaching through these consultations is primarily focused on marketing, it will generate value throughout the business.

Business Diagram with MC Detail

Ongoing Coaching – New!

Many of our clients are interested in regular coaching assistance to keep their marketing plans up-to-date and ensure that their initiatives are being implemented on schedule. In response to this need, we are expanding our offerings with three new coaching packages in January.

These new packages are designed to help you keep your business running with top efficiency through a well-implemented marketing plan. They will consist of an annual planning session and varying frequencies of review throughout the year based on the size and scope needed. In addition, we will help take the load off your shoulders by managing and implementing your marketing initiatives.

For more information on Rosewood’s gamut of coaching packages, call 717-866-5000 or email grow@rosewood.us.com.

As the saying goes, “we are knocking on the door of 2018.” Every season brings fresh opportunities. Now is a great time to move to a higher level of proactive business systems integration and to use the coaching springboard to jump higher and dive deeper than ever before.

About the Author: Roy Herr is the senior marketing consultant at Rosewood Marketing. The Rosewood team guides business owners through marketing challenges into sustainable growth. Contact Roy at roy@rosewood.us.com