Don’t Miss an Ad Deadline Again 

You’re sitting in a meeting when it hits you. That ad! Oh no! I think the deadline was noon yesterday. I can’t afford to miss this opportunity. Maybe if I contact the rep, he’ll extend the deadline. How could this have slipped through the cracks. . . again? 

If you can relate to this sinking feeling, you will be interested in learning how Rosewood has helped GVS Distributors avoid this scenario with an ad management plan. 

Who is GVS?  

Based in Versailles, MO, GVS Distributors is a growing variety store company with 3 primary revenue streams: a wholesale catalog, a retail catalog, and a retail store. They specialize in providing high-quality, affordable clothes and other practical products that appeal to people from conservative communities all over the US and Canada. 

Why did they need to advertise?

Since GVS has roots going back to 1950, they have high name recognition and many devoted customers. For years, they did not advertise beyond their catalog and quarterly flyers. And why should they? Their catalogs yield good sales, and doesn’t just about everybody know who GVS is? 

“It was just an obvious win-win if we didn’t have to do our own ad management.”

However, after placing an ad for their Country Variety Show in the Plain Communities Business Exchange, they discovered something that surprised them. 

Aaron, marketing director at GVS, said, “People started calling and asking, ‘Who are you? What do you do?’ We discovered that many of our customers are the second and third generation, riding the coattails of their parents and grandparents. There are a lot of other people who have never heard about us. We decided to see what we could do to bring those people in.”

How did their advertising stay on track? 

GVS had an existing relationship with us–Rosewood has produced their catalogs for years. So they turned to Rosewood to design their ads as well. But Aaron wasn’t looking to add a lot of work to his plate–scheduling ads, emailing files, and meeting deadlines. 

Thankfully, Rosewood had a solution for that: an ad management plan. “Being the marketing director at GVS, I am very familiar with what it’s like to try managing irons in multiple fires,” says Aaron. “It was just an obvious win-win if we didn’t have to do our own ad management.”

How an ad management plan works

  1. The Rosewood team collaborates to create compelling ads for the next few months or up to a year–whatever the client prefers. 
  2. The client approves the ads. 
  3. The Rosewood ad manager builds a schedule spreadsheet for the ads. This spreadsheet includes information on when and where each ad will be published. 
  4. The client approves the schedule.
  5. Rosewood sends the ads to each publication at the correct time. 
  6. The client receives an email notification each time an ad is sent to press. 
  7. For some clients, Rosewood files each ad and accompanying invoices. If a client is tracking leads, this system makes it easy to see which ads were being featured during any specific time. 

“There is a great team that is taking care of everything on time. And I’ve really enjoyed working with them.”

What are the results?

Consistent advertising is spreading the word about GVS to people who knew nothing about them before. “It’s great to see the ads doing their job,” Aaron says, “There have been a lot of people requesting our catalog.” In time, Aaron expects these people will become first-generation GVS customers. 

Why collaborate with Rosewood? 

Aaron says, “Rosewood has a lot of creative designers, and that has helped bring an otherwise boring landscape to life. That’s across all of the services that Rosewood offers.”

He continues, “But that creativity would get nowhere if it wasn’t backed up by the well-organized, scheduled approach they use for everything. There is a great team that is taking care of everything on time. And I’ve really enjoyed working with them.”

No more last-minute scurrying to submit your ad before it’s too late. No more racking your brain to remember in which publications your ads are running. No more missed lead opportunities because the ad didn’t make it to your publisher on time. 

More time for business strategy. More time with customers. More leads because of running ads consistently. Aaron remarks, “I would recommend Rosewood to everybody.”

Want to Grow?

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About the Author Cari Hochstetler is a copywriter at Rosewood Marketing. She enjoys seeing creativity bring wonder and hope to the world. Contact Cari at