Delivering Dealer Ad Perks. Preserving Brand Integrity.

Every businessman knows the struggle to develop ads that effectively market his products. Nearly every manufacturer knows the dismay of seeing dealer ads that don’t present his branding accurately.

This is the story of a manufacturer who worked with Rosewood to simplify ad development for its dealers while ensuring its own brand integrity.

Belmont Partners With Rosewood

A family-owned trailer company in Lancaster County, PA, Belmont Trailers partners with Rosewood to fulfill its marketing needs. With no website and no retail sales department, Belmont has nurtured a strong dealer network to sell its full line of work trailers.

Rosewood did several lifestyle photo shoots for Belmont and sharpened Belmont’s brand elements for catalog updates and print ads. “Belmont was then ready to share the value with their dealers,” explains Luke Flory, the Rosewood team member spearheading project messaging.

The Belmont ads preserve and build on the Belmont brand lifestyle photos.

Developing the Dealer Ads

Rosewood worked with Belmont to tailor the company’s ads and present a package of low-cost ad designs to the dealers.  First, Rosewood developed ad messages highlighting the problems that Belmont Trailers solves for its customers. They then designed a number of ad formats in conventional sizes. 
“One of the concerns in the dealer space is the tendency for brand integrity to be degraded,” states Luke.  This ad package gave Rosewood the tools to preserve Belmont’s brand integrity while meeting a dealer’s need to clearly present its own company identity.

“One of the concerns in the dealer space is the tendency for brand integrity to be degraded.”

One of the challenges Rosewood solved was developing a system that took little of Belmont’s time and allowed an ad request to move quickly through Rosewood’s workflow without the standard lead time.

The dealer ad packet reduces the advertising headache to a few simple steps.

Enjoying the Advantages

Browsing the dealer ad packet, a Belmont dealer simply notes his company’s information and ad sizes, colors, and publication information on the included order form.  He faxes or emails the order form to Rosewood.  Rosewood customizes the ad details, secures Belmont’s and the dealer’s approval, and sends press files to the client within three days.  All payment is handled through Belmont.

The ad package Rosewood developed for Belmont Trailers reduces the advertising headache for a dealer to a few simple steps.  The standardized process streamlines ad approval for the busy trailer manufacturer. And it offers Belmont crucial control of marketing materials produced with their brand.

Happy, engaged Belmont dealers connect with happy, engaged customers who buy Belmont trailers. It’s a marketing win-win!

Belmont has crucial control of marketing materials produced with their brand.

Are you struggling to develop effective ads for your business?  Are you concerned about preserving your brand integrity while offering advertising perks to your dealer?  Rosewood’s creative team is ready to help!  Call 717.866.5000 today to schedule a consultation.

About the Author: Lyndon Martin is Rosewood’s Messaging Director. He collaborated with the Messaging Team and the Sales Team to create this article. Contact Lyndon and the Rosewood team at