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Selection of binders and pocket folders for Rosewood clients

A pocket folder or binder seems . . . well, so boring. So utilitarian. Just something to organize a few papers in, right?

Why not maximize this common office item’s marketing potential by making it a memorable brand piece? You can be sure it will leave a positive first impression on potential clients when you hand it to them.

You have several options for dressing up your folder...

Writing your marketing blueprint

“Yo! G‘morning, John!” Fred called above the din of the construction site. “You’re hard at it already! What’s up with bulldozing these piles of ground around here? And what is that stack of shingles doing over there? Oh, I see you have some nailed to those pieces of plywood. What’s with that coil of PEX pipe with a faucet on the end? And that roll of carpet half buried under that stone pile?...

The lake at Middle Creek with Texter Mountain in the background

This fall, get up before sunrise and take your camera and tripod to your nearest lake. Warm water and the cool morning air often produce a beautiful fog. Combine fog with sunrise for an image to hang on your wall!

screenshot of the new Rosewood Team page

Many of you have had email or phone conversations with Rosewood marketing consultants, designers, or web developers. Have you ever wondered, "Who is Twila (or Roy, or Lyndon, or Matt)?" If so, head on over to our new "Meet the Team" section on our homepage. To learn who picks asparagus on spring mornings, who lives in New Mexico, or who...

"I'd like you to head over to a sales meeting at..."

“Hey, Don,” Walter greeted his brand-new employee, who was dressed in work pants and dirty boots, “I’d like you to go out to Newbie’s this afternoon and ask for a meeting with their purchasing agent. I think they may be a good candidate for the service program we are going to start offering next year.”

“No way!” Don protested. “I don’t know anything about your program! And I didn’t come...

Waterfall at Ricketts Glen State Park, Benton, PA

The 2016 Rosewood Calendar contained pictures of local water features. For September, we leave the Lebanon/Lancaster area to feature Ricketts Glen State Park. If you are deciding which state park to explore on your next vacation, Ricketts Glen should be near the top of your list for its 22 named waterfalls and other natural beauties.

An uninviting marketing gateway.

"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." - Maya Angelou

What is the key to engaging customers in a way that causes them to open their wallets to you instead of your competitors? Well, it has a lot to do with how you make them feel, and those feelings are based on their experiences with...

The lake at Middle Creek Wildlife Refuge near Kleinfeltersville, PA.

Just a 15-minute drive from the Rosewood office, Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area (Project 70) is popular with birders, hikers, photographers, and fisherman. So next time you come to Rosewood Marketing on business, take off a...

Top of the Miller's Mini Pavilions page

Imagine receiving 90% more leads from your website! That’s what Miller’s Mini Barns reported this spring. And what do you think caused this jump in leads? It happened after Rosewood Marketing rebuilt their website.

Of course, your results may not be identical. You may already have a website that performs well as a lead-...

Marketing Channel

Jim groaned. Turning in his chair to face his accounting manager, he said, “I just heard another dog food producer is starting up over in Ohio. With our sales being flat for the last two years, I’m afraid they are really going to hurt us. I wish we could find more dogs who like our product. That would help us out a lot.”

As you can guess, for Jim to overcome this new challenge, he doesn...