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Telling the Das Holz Haus Story

Telling the Das Holz Haus Story [Case Study]

Das Holz Haus is a maker of fine cabinetry and heirloom quality furniture serving customers in metro-area markets through relationships with kitchen designers.

DHH came to Rosewood seeking to more clearly portray the impeccable quality of both their service and their product. Their existing brochure created an impression of their brand that did not dovetail with who they were as a company.

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Jack of All Trades

When Smaller Is Bigger: The Benefits of Developing Your Niche

Preston wasn’t sure he had what it took to be a business owner, but when he had the opportunity to get into the printing business, he took it.

Preston settled on a slogan that perfectly expressed his vision for Preston’s Printing: “Exceptional quality, speed, and price–no project too large, too small, or too uncommon.”

Preston’s Printing got off to a great start. Preston was elated—maybe this whole thing of running a small business wasn’t so hard after all.

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Pool from Adrian's point of view

Journey Behind the Photo

What is the worth of one high-quality photo? More than a thousand words? When it comes to marketing, the answer is “yes!”

What is involved in producing the photo that sells? Join Gary for a glimpse of the Rosewood team pursuing “thousand-word” photos during a recent shoot for Finch, a patio furniture brand, to answer these questions yourself!

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Noah Boyle Gift Set

Saying “Thank You” With Customer Gifts [Case Study]

Ever wonder how to show your customers how much their business means to you? How should you show appreciation when your client buys a product or service of high value? A thank-you note on the invoice? A Christmas card at the end of the year? Prices so high that you can always offer a discount (car dealership model)?

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Stethoscope and Ice Cream

Take This 5-Minute Marketing Stress Test

Afraid I would black out completely, I grabbed the handrail and tried to focus on the steps ahead. I stood still for a few wobbly moments until my vision gradually returned and I could proceed up the steps.

Several years ago my vision would occasionally narrow temporarily and I would feel pressure in my head.

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Illustration of a hunter in a precarious position wishing he had a safety strap.

How About a Good Story?

Her little eyes were looking up at me. “Would you like me to read you a story?” I asked. Without a word she bounced to the bookcase.

“Read this one, Daddy!” she said sitting down beside me. Before I knew it the whole family, including my wife, was gathered around listening to a book written for preschoolers.

What is it about stories? We love them. But why?

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The Power of Simple: How Less is More.

The Power of Simple: How Less is More.

In 2005 General Mills was looking for a way to rejuvenate Hamburger Helper, a popular food brand that had gone into a sales slump. As part of their market research, they visited the homes of moms who regularly used Hamburger Helper. After observing and talking with the moms, General Mills found a solution that worked, and by the end of the fiscal year, sales were up 11%.

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home page on

The Art of Outgrowing A Website Gracefully: A Case Study

Every business has its own unique set of marketing challenges to solve as it grows. For Henry and Leroy Stoltzfus, the owners of Pennsylvania-based Stable Hollow Construction, it was their website. It had begun to feel like an old pair of sneakers that were a size too small. The site was functional in some mediums, but it was outdated, and it simply didn’t fit them well anymore.

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The VierBike Brand Story

It’s Fun! It’s VierBike! A New Brand Pedals to Life!

The branding process for this quadracycle—a bicycle with four wheels—began in our parking lot—no kidding!

First we needed to create a brand name. Our team kicked off their creative naming session by taking this unique bike for a spin. They snapped a few photos while they were at it for fun and inspiration…

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