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Uncharted Waters

Have You Ever Said, “I Wish I Knew…?”

There is a lot of uncertainty in business. We don’t know if our new product will succeed. We don’t know if an investment in new equipment will pay off. We don’t know if that important deal will go through. We don’t know what government regulation or industry disruption will hit us next. We don’t even know if our business will exist in five years!

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Whistleberry Market Logo

Finding the Perfect Name for Your Company

The Zehr family’s new store in Nova Scotia was under construction, and Peter Zehr had everything he needed to launch a successful country store. A great location near the TransCanada highway, blueprints, experience, and industry connections. The only thing still missing was a vibrant, appealing name.

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New website design

Does Your Small Website Need a Facelift?

Montana Post Driver was in the middle of a brand refresh, with the launch date only a month* away. There was just one problem. The website. Of course, it needed to be updated with the new logo and brand colors, but there were other issues. The website was not mobile-friendly. The content was out-of-date. The platform limited the website’s functionality and the login did not always work.

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Rosewood Marketing Tree

Is Marketing Too Complex to Understand?

Do you remember sitting in your school desk, desperately trying to understand something your teacher was explaining? Perhaps your teacher turned to the chalkboard and drew a sketch or a diagram, or worked out the solution step by step, and it clicked. What a relief!

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Branded Christmas Card

A Note of Appreciation [Case Study]

Christmas is just around the corner. Well, only a few calendar-page turns away. Close enough to be thinking about how you can show your valued customers that their business is appreciated.

Stoltzfus Forest Products has been thinking about Christmas for awhile. Especially since they do not want to repeat last year’s scenario of anxiously waiting for their Christmas cards to be delivered by December 25.

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Calculate conversion rates

How to Convert More Leads into Customers

Your business is surrounded by people who …

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Components of a Strong Ad

How to Build a Lead Generation System that Works

Rachel saw an ad for a natural health product. It piqued her interest, so she called the toll-free number and asked for a free catalog. She gave the customer service rep her name and address, and in so doing, Rachel became a lead. She can expect to receive more brochures and coupons from this company in the future.

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Catalog Before and After

Time to Freshen Up

When is a good time to update your catalog? Many people acquiesce to the age-old cliché, “There just never is a good time.” Sure, I get it. When there is sufficient cash flow, there is also plenty to do.

So, really, when should you freshen up?

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A marketing plan is a marketing path

I Don’t Need A Marketing Plan

How do you suppose the latest issue of your favorite business news magazine came into existence so you could be reading it right now? Do you think several people randomly decided, “Hey, I’m going to write an article and send it to the magazine today”? Do you think lots of business owners randomly decided, “Hey, I think I’ll put together an advertisement to send to the business magazine today”?

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