7 Simple Ways to Say “Thank You”

Caring for your customers, and letting them know that you appreciate their business, is simply good manners. It is the right thing to do. But guess what? Saying—and showing—”Thank you” is also a huge competitive advantage! Build a company culture that shows your thanks by beginning one or two new procedures today. Here are seven ideas to get you started.

1. Throw in a freebie.

People love free things. For example, Sweetwater allegedly tosses in some candy with a shipped order. Laughing Owl Press includes a lollipop. Or arrange for an Edible Arrangement to arrive after project completion.

2. Just say it.

You know the warm feeling you get when someone looks you in the eye and from the bottom of their heart says, “Thank you.” Pass it along! Second best is to call and express your gratitude.

3. Write a sincere, handwritten thank-you note.

In a world filled with on-screen media, the traditional handwritten thank-you note speaks louder than ever. Jimyz Automotive was part of a success story here.

4. Give an appropriate gift.

Present something ag-related for the farmer, and something woodsy for the hunter, etc. Check out how this restaurant personalizes the dessert plates to match their clients’ interests.

5. Continue throughout the year.

Send cards at Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, anniversaries of them becoming your client, or unique holidays, such as National Fettuccine Alfredo Day on February 7.

6. Customer-only specials.

Give surprise discounts or hold invitation-only sales for previous customers. It makes them feel valued and appreciated, even if they don’t participate.

7. Smile!

It is hard to beat a genuine smile to communicate goodwill and warm feelings. Smile all the time, especially when greeting and parting. Be sure to smile while talking on the phone. Smiles can be heard!

About the Author: Adrian Nolt is the Operations Manager. Contact Adrian at adrian@rosewood.us.com.