4 Benefits of a Professionally Managed PPC Ad Campaign

In 2017, Baystate Outdoor Personia shifted their brand positioning from selling prefab sheds to custom-designed sheds and outdoor solutions. After coming to Rosewood Marketing to do a rebrand, Baystate hired Rosewood to build the new website and manage all aspects of their online marketing, including their pay-per-click (PPC) campaign.

If you’ve ever tried to set up a Google AdWords account, you know it can become complicated quickly. Wouldn’t it be convenient to have an agency like Rosewood Marketing manage your monthly pay-per-click advertising? Search engine marketing may seem to be a simple and easy “do it yourself” task, but a professional search engine marketer has the skills and experience to help you get the most out of your campaign, improve your bottom line, and ultimately save you precious time and money. Here are just a few ways Baystate Outdoor Personia profited.

Baystate Outdoor Personia Pool House

#1 More Conversions with Less Spending

A dedicated PPC specialist has the time to set up your campaigns, ad groups, and keywords to meet your business objectives and customer needs, unlocking new sales opportunities. Experimenting with different ad copy and keywords each month reveals what’s working well and what isn’t.

As a bonus, insights gleaned from your pay-per-click campaign can help us make informed decisions about optimizing your website or other online advertising outlets.
Identifying what keywords performed well in PPC and strategically placing those keyword concepts into the content on the new website has grown organic search traffic for Baystate by more than 20% so far in 2019.

By dividing Baystate’s product lines into specific campaigns focused on highly targeted keyword concepts, the number of leads Baystate gets each year has continued to increase, and the campaigns continue to gain efficiency. Monthly account optimization improves the potential to get more conversions every month while spending less on each one.

Baystate Outdoor Personia

#2 Taking a Deep Dive into Google

Digging into the nooks and crannies of Google can allow you to get as much out of your ad account as possible. Having the time for this can be difficult, as putting together Google Ads is no longer just about keywords and ad copy. Google continues to make improvements to their ad interface, allowing detailed targeting for demographics (including age, gender, and income level), devices, geographic targeting, and dates. Optimizing the configuration will save you dollars on ad spend, since a higher percentage of clicks will be actual potential buyers.

In Baystate’s case, carefully matching demographics to higher-income residential areas drives more relevant traffic to the website and consistently generates more qualified leads.

#3 Watching Out for AI Ads

Google has begun using machine learning (or artificial intelligence – AI for short) ads which look at your existing ads and landing pages and automatically create new ones. These ads have greatly improved over time, but most still do not have the click-through rate uniquely crafted ads do. Sometimes these ads auto-implement without asking permission from you.

Google’s AI can also flag ads that Google believes to violate their policies. In Baystate’s case, Google AI suddenly (and incorrectly) pulled some ads for a product line and demanded client licensing information before they would allow these ads to run again. Christopher, an online marketer at Rosewood, spent a lot of time communicating with Google until the issue was finally resolved. If these particular ads had permanently disappeared, Baystate would have lost many sales.

#4 Save Your Advertising Dollars

If a company like Baystate can keep track of their sales data, including lead sources and conversion rates, Rosewood can assist them in calculating their advertising ROI and know precisely where to put their future advertising dollars. Collaboration and communication are key to cultivating the relationship between an agency and the client.


A farmer doesn’t scatter seeds, cover them up, then abandon them and hope for a harvest. He must fertilize, weed and water, and he can reap abundantly at the end of the year. Online marketing works the same way. By carefully tracking your online account performance over months and years, we can help you better understand and react to market trends, eliminate spending on ads not generating qualified leads, and grow your bottom line.

Pay-per-click marketing is not a “set it and forget it” task. It requires time and expertise to do it right. If you want more time, more sales, and better ROI, consider having the professional online marketers at Rosewood Marketing manage your PPC ad campaign.

About the Author: Christopher Sedlak is the senior online marketer at Rosewood Marketing. He welcomes your SEO questions and comments at christopher@rosewood.us.com.