Team Up with a Rosewood Marketing Guide

Horning Manufacturing, based in New Holland, Pennsylvania, caters to the farmer harvesting community. Horning built their first set of kernel processing rolls for a forage harvester in 1998. Today, they continue to innovate highly effective and user-friendly forage equipment and processes. 

With the intensity of their production, Horning has little time to devote to marketing planning, even though they know it’s essential to a successful business. Because of this difficulty, they signed up with Rosewood’s marketing guide program in 2018. 

Marvin, a marketing guide at Rosewood, understands how hard it is for a business to handle all of its marketing. “In general, a business of any size is scrambling to get things done. Often they don’t have an in-person marketing person on their team. Suddenly, ad deadlines or trade shows appear. Brochures are slapped together that don’t truly speak to their business’s brand or image. Without a plan, it’s a real struggle to keep a message consistent and impactful.” 

Leon, the owner of Horning, felt the struggle that Marvin referred to, but he felt hesitant about signing on with an outside firm for his marketing management. “The original price all added together seemed a bit high,” Leon remembered. But now, looking back, he says, “We have seen our brand strengthen and dealer inquiries increase.” 

“My goal as a marketing guide is to take the headache out of marketing for my clients. I want to make marketing a manageable, enjoyable, profitable experience. It’s rewarding to hear how our clients’ websites and brochures drive qualified leads to our clients’ companies.” – Marvin Martin, Rosewood Marketing Guide

Are you wondering how the marketing program works? 

  1. Marketing Strategy Consultation

When you sign up to join our Marketing Guide plan, we kick off the year with a Marketing Strategy Consultation. Your marketing consultant will take a deep dive into your business to learn all he can to give proper advice and create a smart strategy plan for your upcoming marketing year. 

  1. Strategy and Planning 

After deciding which marketing projects are most important, Rosewood works with you to put the tasks in order of importance regarding budgets, timeliness, and expectations. Our goal is to move the projects forward on schedule.  

  1. Monthly Action Sessions

Once a month, your marketing guide meets with you via a phone call or Zoom meeting.  They review finished or ongoing projects and discuss upcoming projects. It’s an effective way to make sure our designers and clients are on the same page. When a new year rolls around, they repeat the process. 

Marvin Martin in a monthly zoom meeting with Leon from Horning Manufacturing

Luke and Marvin had the opportunity to visit Horning Manufacturing in May. This “boot on the ground” visit helped them wrap their minds around the business’s goals. 

As a marketing guide, highlights are helping to generate sales for our clients and connecting with the end consumers. Reflecting on Rosewood’s relationship with Horning Manufacturing, Marvin remarked, “We don’t understand how to create a new chopper. That’s Horning’s job. We partner with Horning’s to be able to bring that new chopper to the farmers successfully.” 

Call Rosewood Marketing at 717-866-5000 to ask for more information about our Marketing Guide Path or request a copy of our free Marketing Guide path booklet, which will explain the process in clear detail. 

“Through my collaboration with Rosewood on our business’s marketing plan, I’ve learned that a good plan properly implemented gets results.” -Leon Horning, owner of Horning Manufacturing

About the Author: Sharla Eberly is a copywriter at Rosewood Marketing. She enjoys interaction with clients and helping them use the right words to communicate their message. Contact Sharla at