Hand Out Catchy Sell Sheets at Your Next Trade Show

The story behind the new Flatcat trailer that Belmont Trailer, LLC is about to release is worth hearing. Producing high-quality trailers has been a passion of Belmont for years. Six years ago, they recognized the need for a low-angled tilt trailer that would make loading specialty equipment a breeze. After hundreds of hours of engineering, prototyping, testing, and dreaming, Belmont’s innovative trailer should hit the market next year. 

“Chipping away at it” is how the owner of Belmont described those years. Until the spring of 2021. Suddenly, they realized they could debut at the 2021 NATDA Trailer Show in Nashville if they got serious about finishing their new trailer. The show was happening in September. When the trailer rolled out of the shop, paint still drying, the Rosewood team had less than a week to produce the introductory sell sheet to complement the trailer at the show. 

Ready, Set, Go

Derlyn Musser was assigned the design project for the sell sheet. Brainstorming, a rough sketch, and mockups all followed in rapid succession. Belmont did great at providing information for the sell sheet—a testimonial from a test customer, trailer specs, and written content pulled from a press release in NATDA’s magazine. 

I enjoyed working with a new brand and liked the chance to feature a neat product. It was satisfying to get the material to Belmont in time for the show and then hear that it went well.  -Derlyn Musser

Marvin, Marlin, and Jared squeezed a Flatcat trailer shoot into their schedules in the middle of August. As the marketing guide, Marvin coordinated the project. Marlin shot photos and videography, and Jared posed as a hardworking farmer for the lifestyle shots. 

Derlyn had the sell sheet design ready to roll by the time they returned with the photos. He added the pictures to it, received approval from Belmont, and sent it to press the next day. Belmont Trailers received the package of 1,000 sell sheets a day or so before the show started.

NATDA Show Results

The Belmont team was pleased with the show results. They talked to 20-25 dealers interested in the Flatcat and handed out hundreds of sell sheets. Even though they’re not accepting orders yet and plan to give existing dealers priority, the interest shown in the Flatcat trailer debut was encouraging. Hopefully, the sell sheets will continue to remind dealers about the exciting trailer they could be selling next year. 

Are you interested in capturing the uniqueness of your product in an eye-catching sell sheet? Call 717-866-5000, and talk to a Rosewood team member about your dream. 

About the Author: Sharla Eberly is a copywriter at Rosewood Marketing. She enjoys interaction with clients and helping them use the right words to communicate their message. Contact Sharla at sharla@rosewood.us.com