Stand Out with a Catalog Unique to Your Business

Amish Mike is New Jersey’s largest supplier of top-quality Amish sheds and outdoor products. They have enjoyed a solid, 15-year relationship with Rosewood Marketing. The quote, “Good things take time,” proved true as Mike Cohort, the owner of Amish Mike, threw around the idea of Rosewood Marketing designing a catalog for them for a few years. 

On the left, the catalog Rosewood initially designed for Amish Mike in 2012. On the right, the updated catalog from 2020. 

In 2012, Rosewood had the privilege of creating a print catalog for Amish Mike’s products. “I appreciated the lunch Rosewood served me at our initial meeting,” Mike remembered. Now, in the past year, Rosewood has walked alongside Mike again to update the catalog: improving design features, adding new products, and making it more user-friendly. 

I really love that you can’t get our catalog anywhere else. It gives us our own brand and uniqueness, and there’s great quality in that. It helps us to stand out. -Mike Cohort

Marlin, a Rosewood designer, worked closely with Mike on the catalog update. One of the most outstanding features that he implemented was color-coded product pages. At a glance, it’s now easier for Amish Mike’s clients to determine which pages feature products and which showcase product options. Marlin also removed unnecessary color blocks to give the catalog a fresh, attractive look. 

The Challenge of Standing Out 

Before Mike got his own catalog in 2012, he used manufacturers’ catalogs to sell some products and did a lot of talking for the rest. It was easy to forget an important product or feature in the process, and often customers didn’t realize the extent of Amish Mike’s inventory. Now it’s simple. The eye-catching, 96-page catalog shows it all. 

How Amish Mike Uses Their New Catalog

In a Google review, an Amish Mike customer commented, “Lots to choose from, but sales was very helpful in narrowing selection.” Amish Mike’s catalog is a tool that helps salespeople offer that kind of helpfulness. For the average 15-45 minutes that customers typically spend at Amish Mikes, the catalog is a vital sales tool. The sales team knows the catalog like the back of their hand, and it helps simplify buying decisions for their clients. 

If a customer needs a few days to think about a purchase, they are more than welcome to take a catalog with them. Hopefully, friends and family will scan the pages with them and get excited about a purchase or two themselves. 

The Updated Results

Even though updating the catalog took longer and went deeper than initially planned, Mike believes it was worth the effort. “I’ve learned that it’s worth the investment, and, in many ways, the time value is more important than the investment value,” he reflected. This project proved again that it’s essential to take time to produce various model designs and layouts. 

Marlin’s favorite features in the updated catalog include:

  • The color-coded page numbers
  • The prominent titles that make it clear what each page or spread features
  • The clear Table of Contents 

Easy-to-understand Table of Contents

Bold, color-coded page titles

Would your business benefit from an attractive sales catalog? Get started on the exciting process today. Call Rosewood at 717.866.5000.

I just really like Rosewood’s openness. You can just say, “This is what I want to do.” And they’re like, “Okay, we’ll do that for you.” They encourage you to be yourself, and they help you to stand out from everyone else. -Mike Cohort, Owner of Amish Mike

About the Author: Sharla Eberly is a copywriter at Rosewood Marketing. She enjoys interaction with clients and helping them use the right words to communicate their message. Contact Sharla at