Showcase Your Services with Top-of-the-Line Photography

Willow Tree Acres is a “full-care retirement facility for horses on a quiet family farm in picturesque Manheim, PA.” They have room to board 18 horses and are currently looking for horse applications. Henry, the owner, commented, “At Willow Tree Acres, we deliver a unique service. For that reason, we want our website to represent us in the best way possible. The only way to do this is to have top-of-the-line photography.” 

With years of horse experience, the Stoltzfus family loves the opportunity they have to provide a safe, peaceful environment for aging horses. For only $400 a month, the horses on the Stoltzfus farm receive excellent care. Rubber matting, automatic waterers, hoof trimming, and fly masking — it’s all part of the package. Horses retiring on their farm enjoy the best of equine life. 

It’s nearly impossible for Willow Tree Acres to showcase the beauty of their horse paradise for future clientele without quality photography. With these new photos captured by Marlin from Rosewood, Henry plans to enhance their website and social media sites as well as attract new clients.  

In a 2-hour evening shoot, Marlin snapped these lovely photos of Willow Tree Acres’ elegant boarders. Jumping over fences, getting mud on his shoes, and being quick with his camera were all part of the fun as the overly friendly horses nuzzled inquisitively close. Marlin laughed, “I’m not an animal fan, but it was fun to hang out with big, friendly animals.” 

Enjoy the featured photos below. 

A shot with shelter in the background gives clients a glimpse of the protection they can expect for their horse. 
The golden hour lighting danced beautifully in the horses’ manes. 
A shot of a horse wearing a fly mask depicts the care offered at Willow Tree Acres.
Hello to you too. 
An automatic waterer on the farm
Hmm, how do you explain to a horse that you’d prefer if he’d close his mouth for the picture? Sometimes you just do the best you can. 
And, to wrap it up, a shot of the tiniest resident on the farm…
…as well as the largest. 

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