Website Upgrade: Simple Process, Strong Results

Does the sight of your website make you sigh? You know it needs an upgrade to bring it up to speed and to represent your business better, but the project seems too complicated and expensive. And how will you ever find the time?

The money. The commitment. Are these uncertainties holding you back from owning a top-performing website? They don’t need to. Read DA Bowman’s story, and you will understand why.  

DA Bowman is a construction business that builds custom homes on beautiful country lots in western Ohio. They came to Rosewood for a business rebrand in the fall of 2020. After the rebrand, their website needed an upgrade and refresh to align with their business goals. 

Our biggest concerns were having a budget that turned out to be what we expected and having a good schedule with a timeline that would fit into the slower time of the year for us. -Ian Bowman, Vice President of DA Bowman

Throwback to DA Bowman’s old website

In Ian’s words, “We wanted to tie everything into a cohesive offer to our customers.” 

The Problem

Anthony, who managed the project and built the site at Rosewood, remembered, “They couldn’t easily add content themselves. They had to submit all that information to someone else to update their site. Now Ian has a log-in and can easily do that stuff. It’s very simple to do. The gallery, team, and building sites pages. They can change them all.” 

Rosewood’s Goals:

  • Create an updated website that is attractively styled and user-friendly. 
  • Make it easy for the client to manage their gallery and building sites. 
  • Make the new home lots a prominent feature of the site. 
  • Improve the design and navigation experience. 

The Process

After a few creative brainstorming sessions via Zoom, Luke from Rosewood started writing, and Derlyn (another Rosewood employee) created mockups for the most important pages. 

Ian was relieved to let Rosewood handle the new messaging on the website. Their previous message felt scattered. Now, with unified design and messaging, their website was much clearer.  

By January 14, the research, brainstorming, and behind-the-scenes work had paid off. Anthony was ready to do the actual build. A highlight of his was seeing the new brand come together on the website. 

It was a familiar scene for two months to walk past Anthony’s office and see the DA Bowman website pulled up on his screens. 

When asked if he faced any challenges during the project, Anthony shared that figuring out how to display the table on the building site page was technical. He needed to create the building lots to give the client easy access to edits on building lot titles, sizes, and availability. In the end, he custom-built a template to display them. By March 10, the website was ready to launch.

Screenshot of the building lots that Anthony had to build a template for. 

The easy-to-use form where DA Bowman can now quickly update building lot information on their own for their website. 

DA Bowman’s new website is ranking higher than before in web searches. Now clients can easily see which building lots are available or sold. Working with Rosewood was so easy and the result so good that Ian and his team are already dreaming of additional information that could be added to their website. 

A Glimpse of DA Bowman’s new homepage

Do you like the idea of a marketing makeover for your website? Start your journey by calling Rosewood today. 

The project went exactly as planned. I know it probably doesn’t always work like that, but that’s how it was for us. Rosewood did a really good job of clarifying the timeline and budget ahead of time. Nothing came up that was different or surprising to us. Some parts of the project were even ahead of schedule. -Ian Bowman

About the Author: Sharla Eberly is a copywriter at Rosewood Marketing. She enjoys interaction with clients and helping them use the right words to communicate their message. Contact Sharla at