Do you find yourself skipping over advertisements when you are reading a publication? Many ads crowded onto one page can easily become a thick jumble. If you invest in advertising for your company, how can you be sure your ads will get noticed? Some unchanging principles that apply include a consistent message, potent imagery and headlines, and sufficient white space. Let’s take a look at three of our clients’ ads before and after.

Dream Buildings

Dream Buildings Before & After

Dream Buildings ads needed decluttering and brand consistency to clarify their message. This included a brand redesign and incorporating photos with emotional appeal and strong headlines.

Dream Buildings Before & After 2

LnR Feed & Grain Handling Systems

LNR Before & After

LnR’s previous ads were product focused. Unexpected imagery and white space were implemented to attract the reader’s attention on a page full of grain bin ads. Read more about our work for LnR here.

LnR Feed & Grain Before & After 2

Burkholder Truck Sales

Burkholder Truck Sales Before & After 1

Burkholder Truck Sales advertises in multiple publications. The varied designs provided by their numerous publishers muddied their brand image. We recommended a rebranding project and a consistent ad theme to be implemented across all publications.

Ad Design | Before & After
About the Author: Gary Hurst is a graphic designer at Rosewood Marketing. He especially enjoys brainstorming for company and brand name creations and crafting attractive theme designs. Contact Gary at or ask for Gary when you call (717) 866-5000.