Open the new brochure for Stagecoach Trading Co. and these are the first sentences you’ll read: “The fire crackled and cast flickering shafts of light around the clearing. Sparks floated upward, tiny shooting stars that burst up and disappeared.”

Stagecoach Trading Co. is a new brand we created for a company that was initially known as Wood Energy Solutions. This team out of Salmon, Idaho, manufactures innovative wood stoves that circulate air using natural convection instead of an electric blower.

Let’s take a closer look at the brochure.

Stagecoach Brochure Cover

The Brochure Copy

The story at the front of the brochure is what we call a “brand story.” It goes on to describe a peaceful scene from the Old West. Warmed and protected by his campfire, a stagecoach driver settles down for the night beside a wilderness river after a long day on the trail.

Stagecoach Brochure First Page

This brand story sets the stage for introducing the stove itself. The following pages describe several features of the stove: the convection blower, the thermostatic draft control, and more. These sections are short and to the point, addressing fundamental questions and explaining the answers in a simple, straightforward way.

Stagecoach Brochure Inside

The Imagery and Design

A picture of Salmon River in Idaho reveals the rugged beauty of the scene described in the brand story. The brochure also pictures the stove in a living room along with a diagram showing how the convection blower works.

Studio Shot of Stove Set
Stagecoach Brochure Inside

Shooting photographs of a woodstove in the Rosewood studio was a first, and we enjoyed it thoroughly—even though setting it carefully in place gave us a genuine workout! We experienced firsthand one of the features that the brochure mentions: the stove is solidly built.

Lyndon Assembling Chair
Lyndon Photographing Set

Matt was the designer of the new logo and brand design, and Lyndon was the photographer. Once the copy and images were prepared, Gary laid out the brochure in an attractive format. A unique size, the brochure has only eight pages. The soft touch cover adds sensory appeal.

Multi-use Messaging

Do you struggle to create content for your marketing collateral? Here is one key takeaway from this project. The messaging (copy, images, and design) from this brochure can be used in other mediums: a website, brochures or flyers, and advertisements. Rather than reinventing the wheel, after you create powerful, effective messaging, replicate it in other lead generating or lead conversion efforts.

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