Special Effects Printing

Have you ever handed potential customers your business card or brochure and intentionally observed their response? They may have said “Thank you,” or maybe nothing at all. What if you were able to change that response to “Wow!” When they hold your printed piece in their hands, it is communicating something to them. What is it saying? What will clearly communicate the level of service and quality that you offer? How can you be set apart within your market? Including special effects in your printed piece goes a long way in making sure it’s both memorable and trashcan resistant. I will show you several projects we had the opportunity of working on recently.

1. Business Cards (Countryside Woodworking)

Countryside Woodworking Business Card

Without a doubt, Countryside manufactures a premium product. Their solid wooden doors are on the job every day in extremely high-end homes. What did we do to ensure their business cards accurately portray Countryside’s values of quality and excellence? We selected a 2-ply card, letter-pressed on the front with the logo and all of the contact info. Letterpress is an automatic attraction for the senses. The back sheet of paper is textured with wood grain. You read that right—it’s the actual texture! Woodworkers and pencil pushers alike will feel compelled to run a finger across the full-bodied surface. Since Countryside wanted to communicate their natural wood realistically, this was a winner. The 2-ply construction gives the card more weight, communicating durability and quality at once.

2. Story Brochure (Das Holz Haus)

Das Holz Haus Brochure

Das Holz Haus has developed a notable reputation in custom cabinetry over the decades. The designers they partner with rave about the quality experience they receive. The designers did run into one issue, however. When presenting multiple cabinetry companies as options for their clients, Das Holz Haus’ brochure did not match their high-end competition’s sales material. It left potential clients questioning Das Holz Haus’ quality of product.

Das Holz Haus Brochure Stitching

We collaborated with Das Holz Haus to find a solution. We proposed a felt cover that includes a foil embossed logo. Instead of the standard saddle-stitch, the binding is threaded with red thread, a brand color. The cover also has a circular die cut, giving a sneak peek into a recently completed kitchen. A felt paper insert also gives distinction, and coordinates well with the company info and testimonials it holds. Such a unique and innovative brochure assists in positioning Das Holz Haus as a leader in fine cabinetry.

3. Pool House Brochure (Meadow View Woodworks)

Meadow View Pool House Die-Cut Brochure

The objective of this brochure was to exhibit the emotion and mood present at a poolside setting, complete with a pool house. The ultimate goal was to establish both the quality and the uniqueness of the product. We helped Meadow View’s pool houses stand out above the crowd by including a die-cut on the front cover. The word “Relax” spans the entire front cover.

4. Certificate of Ownership (Miller’s Mini Barns)

Miller's Mini Barns Certificate of Ownership

Miller’s Mini Barns is a shed manufacturer who offers a rent-to-own payment option. They wanted a way to compliment their clients when they complete the rent-to-own program. To accomplish this, they decided each client will receive a certificate of ownership. The certificates put a nice finishing touch on the quality experience at Miller’s. How? They chose to include an embossed foil stamp seal. The seal contains the Miller’s logo icon. With such strong branding and high-quality presentation, each client will receive a positive lasting impression of Miller’s even after the 36 months.

5. Pocket Folder Brochure (Stable Hollow Construction)

Stable Hollow Construction Pocket Folder Brochure

An important part of Stable Hollow’s work is restoring barns. This brochure features a number of restoration projects. They wanted this brochure to have the added benefits of a pocket folder. By adding a heavier cover, the back inner cover can hold pertinent papers as well as the presenter’s business card. The front cover has two die-cut windows, showcasing the stone pillars as well as the cupola on one of Stable Hollow’s restored barn projects.

Stable Hollow Construction Pocket Folder Brochure Inside

These seemingly small modifications can have a huge impact on the success of the printed piece. Lead generation alone doesn’t put bread on the table. Give some thought to how you could enhance your marketing materials and watch them convert your leads into sales!

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About the Author: Adrian Nolt is the Web Department Manager. Contact Adrian at adrian@rosewood.us.com.