A Note of Appreciation [Case Study]

Christmas is just around the corner. Well, only a few calendar-page turns away. Close enough to be thinking about how you can show your valued customers that their business is appreciated.

Stoltzfus Forest Products has been thinking about Christmas for awhile. Especially since they do not want to repeat last year’s scenario of anxiously waiting for their Christmas cards to be delivered by December 25.

Branded Christmas Card

While many options abound for showing appreciation, a Christmas card is a simple, yet thoughtful way of doing it. A slew of choices is available in the card line as well, from purchasing generic boxed Christmas cards and signing them all by hand, to a completely custom card that will be unique to your company.

Stoltzfus Forest Products chose the custom route. This allowed them to subtly bring in a touch of branding with photos of trees, as well as brand colors. To go beyond the ordinary, they involved the sense of touch. The Suede Raised Spot UV cards have a velvety finish. Selected graphics also have a raised glossy coating that catches the eye and makes you want to rub your fingers over the cards to see how they feel. Custom and memorable, all in one package.

Sense of Touch
Branded Christmas Cards

Have you been wondering about your customer-appreciation options this year? No need to wander through the maze. We will help you find a customer-appreciation gift that fits you.

About the Author: Phyllis Miller is a graphic designer at Rosewood. She specializes in automating spreadsheets of data into large catalogs but enjoys the creativity and variety of other design projects—especially customer appreciation cards. Contact Phyllis at phyllis@rosewood.us.com or ask for Phyllis when you call (717) 866-5000.