Host a Successful Dealer Event

When Windy Valley Woodworks has their annual Dealer Appreciation Day, their goal is to make it enjoyable and productive. One of Windy Valley’s lines of furniture is Finch. Each year, Windy Valley invites Finch dealers to their shop for a convenient way to communicate new product information. The dealers can tour the shop to view many different product displays or take advantage of discounted furniture prices. Seeing new products firsthand educates and inspires dealers in future sales.

Windy Valley Woodworks, located in the rolling green hills of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, was founded and is still owned by Merv Esh. Windy Valley strives to sell furniture made with the highest standards.

Preparation for Dealer Day does not come without challenges. Windy Valley’s busy staff need to complete many tasks before the day arrives. A guest speaker needs to be found. Invitations must be printed and sent. Slideshows need to be made for all the presentations. Windy Valley turns to Rosewood for assistance.

The first step to help plan Finch’s Dealer Day was creating and sending out invitations. One of Rosewood’s designers, Gary, produced and printed some pleasant invitations. He also prepared slideshows necessary for a successful day. A marketing consultant from Rosewood, Roy, scheduled a motivational speaker to spark additional interest. A dealer survey was prepared to gain feedback on how the current catalog could be improved. With a redesign, the catalog could be made more user-friendly.

Dealer Day Discussions

The day before Dealer Day, Gary headed to Windy Valley to help with set-up. To show recent development to the dealers interactively, he set up a projector. Product displays were brought to life with props.

The morning of Finch’s Dealer Day dawned clear and cold. Arriving early, Gary and Roy chatted with dealers and managed slideshows for each presentation. They helped with various things throughout the day. Roy handed out a dealer survey to determine frustrations dealers had with the current catalog, and later moderated a discussion and Q&A on the subject. For those curious how the pictures were taken for the catalog, Gary demonstrated with a slideshow.

The guest speaker, Doug Ramer, shared some wisdom in a speech titled “Create an Outstanding Customer Experience,” after which the dealers enjoyed a delicious dinner. Outside, temperatures dropped far below freezing, but inside, fellowship was warm.

Dealer Day Q&A

Merv appreciates Rosewood’s assistance for this annual January event. The Dealer Appreciation Day helps him review how things have gone in the past and take a look forward as well. It also shows Finch’s dealers they can expect to be well taken care of throughout another busy year. Having a sales kickoff event that inspires rather than pressures dealers is a great way to start the season. By asking for honest feedback on marketing materials, Windy Valley can make informed decisions moving forward. After several years of assistance, Windy Valley can count on Rosewood to help make the Dealer Day successful.

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