Time to Freshen Up

When is a good time to update your catalog? Many people acquiesce to the age-old cliché, “There just never is a good time.” Sure, I get it. When there is sufficient cash flow, there is also plenty to do.

So, really, when should you freshen up? The unquestioned response is if someone tells you your catalog stinks. As this probably won’t happen, let’s explore a few other indicators. If you find yourself constantly needing to tell prospects about a section of the catalog that markets outdated information, it is time to update. Secondly, if you have a new product you want everyone to know about, it is time to include it in your catalog. Thirdly, if your catalog has a previous year date on it or the design is outdated, consider getting current.

Catalog Before and After

What does the process look like? I’ll show you what we did for Timberline Buildings. They had an existing catalog, but it was out of date. They asked us to “generally declutter and simplify.” More specifically they requested we “remove the background” from the product pages.

Our goal in updating the Timberline catalog was to clarify its message by removing unnecessary distractions. As you will see in the example photos, by eliminating the background and other extraneous elements, the building photos and descriptions became the primary focus. The other urgent reason to update the catalog was to align with the newly updated brand.

One of the most efficient ways to update your existing catalog is to provide us a physical copy with all of your requested changes marked. This is the route Timberline chose to take. I was able to take their clear requests and update the catalog according to their expectations.

Besides removing distracting elements and implementing the updated brand, I also developed a grid for consistency on each page. To further clarify the message, I inserted newly crafted marketing messages throughout the catalog, bringing attention to the specific benefits of signing up for a Timberline experience. On the cover, I changed the layout to feature just one photo instead of five.

And now, without further delay, here is the update.

Catalog Before
Catalog After
Catalog Before Update
Catalog After Update

About the Author: Gary Hurst is a graphic designer at Rosewood Marketing. He especially enjoys brainstorming for company and brand name creations and crafting attractive theme designs. Contact Gary at gary@rosewood.us.com or ask for Gary when you call (717) 866-5000.