More Than a Snapshot: High-value Photography

Are you embarrassed of the grainy photos on your website and brochures? Are you wondering if it’s worth the investment to hire  a professional photographer? Quality photography is important for successful marketing collateral. Here’s a glimpse of a photoshoot our Rosewood team did in April. 

Unique Wood Creations, a custom Amish woodworking company in Paradise, PA — owned by Jake Beiler — asked our team to do a photo shoot at a new beachfront home in Brigantine, New Jersey. The house was a showcase of Unique Wood Creation’s outstanding workmanship. 

Ejeanne Costine, the house’s interior designer, had also been instrumental in the design and decor work, and she and her husband decided to join the team for the day as well. With the pressure of COVID-19 restrictions, a rapidly approaching moving date for the homeowners, and photos needed for both Jake and Ejeanne, the challenge was on. 

Eugene, our project manager, secured travel permission from New Jersey officials. Jake supplied our photography team with a detailed house floor plan. From there, our team created a shot list with the most valuable shots at the top. 

Our team of three — Lyndon, Gary, and Marlin — struck out for New Jersey before the sun rose. Gary highlighted each person’s shot list and handed out the floor plans on the way. Over a gas station fruit cup and breakfast sandwiches, they mapped out an efficient plan for conquering the shoot in one day. After 160 miles, they arrived at their stunning destination tucked against the Atlantic shoreline. 

Entrance to the NJ home

Slipping off their shoes, the photographers padded around the house, familiarizing themselves with the floor plan and observing the lighting. Our team made official introductions with Jake and Ejeanne. They pushed the photography carts into the garage, and the fun began. 

The homeowner had a vision for a peaceful, cohesive look and that was accomplished through neutral hues throughout the home. 

Lyndon steadily checked off the primary shots in the prominent spaces like the bedroom and kitchen. Ejeanne, with an incredible eye for design, assisted with prop styling. Moving a vase a few inches here. Pushing an oval, glass-topped table there. Jake commented, “The way they staged things was great. By the time they were done arranging things, it looked so much better than what I would’ve done.” 

Take a moment to notice the cabinetry design. You won’t regret hiring Jake’s team for your next kitchen project. 

From the carpet to the pillows on the bed, Ejeanne had helped the homeowners design an impressive master bedroom. 

A shot of the dining room

Meanwhile, Marlin and Gary worked on secondary shots — closets, guest rooms, and powder rooms. A few of the tight spaces like the small bathrooms created challenging shots. But a wide angle lens and a few unique angles did the trick. Carefully navigating around expensive furniture kept the team on their toes. 

The guest bathroom

Her bathroom

His bathroom, including a view of the ocean from his shower window

By lunchtime, the team felt great about the shots they had gotten. They chowed down their packed lunches on the front porch before running out to the beach — just long enough to say they’d been there.

This image highlights both Ejeanne’s and Jake’s work — his in the cabinetry around the fireplace and hers in the strategically placed furniture and decor. 

They buckled down to finish the remaining shots in the afternoon. Ejeanne’s husband kindly served sweet tea and helped haul a desk from the top floor to the master bedroom via the home’s elevator. By late afternoon, the crew completed the shoot. They gathered their camera equipment, said their goodbyes, and retraced the 160 miles.

The day felt like a success all the way around. Jake and Ejeanne are eager to use the images in their marketing collateral, and the Rosewood team was thrilled with the results of their collaborative teamwork. 

A little princess’s dream bedroom 

The attention to detail — even up to the intricate light fixtures — was outstanding. 

When asked about the highlights of their day, these were the replies: 

Jake: I really liked working with the Rosewood employees. Lyndon and those guys were great.  We clicked right away. We weren’t sure if we were going to complete the shoot in a day, and they made it happen. I really enjoyed that. 

Ejeanne: The quality of the images.

Lyndon: It was a very well-designed house, and it was all about working with the good work that was already done. Looking around to find all the good shots was great too. And it was great to get out in the midst of COVID.

Gary: It was great being in a beautiful, new space that was just ready to move into. It was also really neat to see all the unique details of the design that both Jake and Ejeanne would’ve been involved in. I was really impressed with the textured walls in the grand staircase part of the house as well as the overlays on the cabinet in the one restroom. 

Marlin: I am fascinated by architecture. Having the opportunity to observe how home designers design spaces gives me a boost of creative energy. It’s also fascinating to see how other people live. And since I do like the beach, that was an added benefit.

The tasteful handiwork of Jake’s team on a bathroom cabinet

Take a look at those walls and that bathroom vanity. 

Photography can make or break marketing material. No matter what industry you are in, outstanding photos will help you sell more products. Call Rosewood Marketing today. 

“I know the photos that we got from this shoot are going to be a good investment. You guys did a great job of taking photos and setting up the shoot. I thought your photo quality was absolutely great. It looks like that dream house.” -Jake Beiler, Owner of Unique Wood Creations

About the Author: Sharla Eberly is a copywriter at Rosewood Marketing. She enjoys interaction with clients and helping them use the right words to communicate their message. Contact Sharla at