How Sell Sheets Streamlined the Sales Process for Belmont Trailers

Belmont Trailers’ dealers were frustrated. Belmont Trailers, a respected trailer manufacturer in Lancaster County, PA, offers trailers which can be built to order based on many sizes, options, and accessories. The buying options are nearly endless, and they desperately needed a visual to send along with their clients’ quotes.

Having only a printed catalog as a reference tool, it was a lot of work for salesmen at the dealerships and daunting for trailer prospects. This was especially true on phone calls when they couldn’t page through a catalog together. Not having a website to fall back on, salesmen needed an easy way to guide prospects through the mountain of options into a confident buying decision.

Belmont Trailers turned to Rosewood for a solution. After analyzing needs and discussing potential solutions, Rosewood and Belmont settled on a plan. Rosewood would create emailable sell sheets for each category of trailer models. Belmont would distribute the sell sheet PDF files on flash drives to their dealers.

This approach addressed two key factors. First, it would put all the information salesmen and prospects needed at their fingertips. Second, salesmen could identify which trailer category fit the prospects’ needs best. Then the salesman could easily walk the prospect through a small set of choices to close the sale. No more decision freeze.

The design team at Rosewood asked Belmont to sketch out what they envisioned for each trailer category page. Then the Rosewood team compiled all the information, asking questions to make sure they were keeping the sell sheets as simple as possible. Each category was given its own two-page sell sheet designed with a consistent theme and layout so that they fit together as a unit. After final edits were complete, the files were output as printable PDF forms.

Belmont now has a simple solution to equip dealers to help their end customers. Salesmen can email a sell sheet or two to them. Or, if the prospect is in the showroom, the dealer can pull up the information right there. It’s easy to print a high resolution copy for prospects to take along if they need more time to make a decision. Dealers can also access the sell sheets for information to share at any time when talking to a customer on the phone.

Sell sheets can be an invaluable sales tool. Featuring your product and accompanying information on an attractive, easy-to-use page makes the sales process painless for you and easier for the customer, resulting in more sales. One page at a time.

Simplify your lists of extensive products by using sell sheets. Call today to start closing more sales!

About the Author: Sharla Plett is a copywriter at Rosewood Marketing. She enjoys interaction with clients and learning about many varying subjects as she writes about them. Contact Sharla at

About the Author: Sharla Eberly is a copywriter at Rosewood Marketing. She enjoys interaction with clients and helping them use the right words to communicate their message. Contact Sharla at