How to Solve Your Ad Management Problem

Ad management. Sometimes simple, sometimes complicated. Even sometimes fun. But always on the back of your mind. A constant cycle of words and pictures and deadlines. Month after month after month. That’s the part that quickly becomes old.

And the Horning MFG team knew all about it.

Horning MFG is based in East Earl, Pennsylvania and manufactures quality silage and grain processing equipment. In 2017, owner Leon Horning knew they had a problem.

One year earlier, they had moved to a new facility to accommodate their growing enterprise. With space for growth, it was time to throw energy into marketing. But they had no plan. Leon tried personally developing ads. His brother and a few other firms helped sometimes. But it wasn’t working. Nothing was consistent.

“Some of the frustrations I faced were coming up with new ads or running the correct ads at the correct times or seasons. It was a challenge to follow through. Sometimes we ran an old ad again and again.” -Leon H., Owner

Hesitant about the cost but desperate for help, Leon turned to Rosewood. “They’re not a cheap company,” Leon said. Then added, “Do I regret signing up with Rosewood for my marketing journey? No.”

Rosewood designed an ad template and created ads for each line of Horning’s equipment, targeting specific areas and functions of each machine. After drawing up a prospective ad plan and approving it with Horning, Rosewood began running the ads sequentially. We take care of sending ads to publishers, organizing copies of invoices and tearsheets, tracking costs, and making updates and adjustments to the ads.

Tear sheet copy of a Horning ad that was featured in “Dairy Star”

Megan Nolt enjoys the challenge of coordinating Horning’s ads which currently appear in 8 different publications.

“Basically, we’re trying to keep them from worrying about meeting their deadlines. We’re taking that pressure off of them. It’s exciting to have an ad plan run efficiently and to see their ads reach so many people.” -Megan N., Ad Management at Rosewood Marketing

2021 is Horning’s third year using Rosewood’s ad management plan. Leon is thankful for the consistent ads and also the consistent marketing image in every publication. It creates customer awareness, and they’ve received compliments because of it. (Rosewood also rebranded Horning when they first partnered. Check out other businesses Rosewood has branded.)

By handing campaign management over to Rosewood, Leon can now focus on leading his business while also reaping the benefits of a well-organized advertising plan.

Have the new ads generated increased sales? It’s a little hard to tell. 2020 was a good year for them, like it was for a lot of similar businesses. Did consistency in theme, design, and delivery make a difference? “Absolutely,” Leon would say. He’s excited to see what 2021 will bring. (And excited about having more time to focus on the pressing agenda in his office, knowing his ads will be eye-catching and on time.)

Would you like to offload your advertising management? We’d love to chat. Get in touch with Rosewood Marketing today.

Various ads Rosewood has designed and ran for Horning

“Rosewood isn’t an advertising firm. They do marketing. That helped us make the decision to choose them. Now having a consistent message in our ads with consistent timing has greatly improved our service.” -Leon H., Owner of Horning MFG

About the Author: Sharla Eberly is a copywriter at Rosewood Marketing. She enjoys interaction with clients and helping them use the right words to communicate their message. Contact Sharla at