A Showcase of Logos

Over the last three years we’ve been privileged to create quite a few logos. Branding is one of our core offerings. We love to help clients establish their visual brand identity. From a Christian book publisher to an electrical supply company and a diner, we believe each brand’s personality is unique and those personalities are reflected in the logos below.

Featured Brands

Aptico’s website

Aptico Supply is an electrical & industrial supply company in Southern Ontario serving electrical contractors, farmers, and industrial companies. They focus on providing quality products and being a dependable partner for their customers. 

HooverTec’s website

HooverTec provides power generation solutions for local enterprises and OEM’s as well as emergency backup power. Their knowledgeable technicians give them an edge over other power solutions providers in the area.

Christian Light’s website

Christian Light is a publisher located in Harrisonburg, Virginia. They provide Christian schools and homeschoolers with quality curriculum as well as publish wholesome books for the whole family. 

Gutter Solutions from Salem, IN, provides rain water flow solutions with timely, professional service. They believe that a quality installation of a superior gutter system will result in fewer problems and frustration down the road and produce happy clients.

West Bench Country Store logo
Rolin logo
Wilson Pallet logo
Hawthorn Portable Buildings logo
Homecrest Roofing
Duchess logo
Aqualon logo
Horning logo
Celesta Cabinets logo
DynaQ logo
Oriole logo
Schrocks Storage Building logo
The Railroad Diner logo
Bison Hooklift Systems logo
Wisteria logo
Horstdale Farm Supply logo
Good Steward International logo
KenCo logo

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About the Author: Lyndon Gehman is a brand designer with over eleven years of experience in graphic design for marketing. His passion is helping businesses create purposeful and effective brand identities through logo design and brand application. Contact Lyndon at lyndon@rosewood.us.com.