Freeing Up Brain Space

As a busy flooring company, Flor Haus’ marketing efforts were scattered, and their advertising results were sporadic. Flor Haus’ associates were hired to sell floors, not design ads, write ad headlines, or contact newspaper publishers. Besides, they were often tied-up with other things. So why not hire a marketing manager? In 2014, Flor Haus came to Rosewood for help developing and executing a marketing plan.

Flor Haus is a company offering a variety of flooring services, from interior design consultations and professional flooring installation, to discount flooring for the do-it-yourselfer.

Over the last 5 years, Flor Haus and Rosewood have forged a great partnership. Each year, Flor Haus and Rosewood meet to develop a plan for the upcoming year. In this meeting, they review Flor Haus’ activity and results for the previous year and look for ways to improve.

Rosewood keeps track of Flor Haus’ marketing budget throughout the year. This includes print ads, online marketing, and printed marketing collateral. Any non-Rosewood marketing is also added to this budget. Hence a comprehensive marketing plan is created.

Another step in developing a marketing plan is to create an ad template. This keeps a consistent look across different publishers, giving Flor Haus’ brand a clear presence. Creative ad headlines and graphic design attract more customers.

Flor Haus Ad Samples

If a specific brand is promoted in an ad, sometimes the brand will pay for half of the ad. Rosewood collects these co-op dollars for Flor Haus. With the added benefit of planning ads a year in advance, Flor Haus is able to receive discounts from some publishers. Rosewood manages the tear sheets and assembles them in a binder along with the ad plan, ad copy, and the bill.

Flor Haus Advertising Plan
Flor Haus Tear Sheet

Flor Haus no longer has to worry about keeping in touch with newspaper publications, coming up with sale promotional ideas, missing deadlines, tracking budget or losing co-op money opportunities. Rosewood handles it all. With an intentionally developed marketing plan, Flor Haus benefits from increased exposure and a higher return on investment of the time and dollars they put into marketing.

After Flor Haus approves Rosewood’s marketing plan, they can relax, knowing their marketing is in good hands the rest of the year.

“Having someone manage our marketing plan has given us time to focus on more important things, and we are able to have a clearer picture of our whole plan. By giving attention to branding, and beginning a comprehensive marketing plan, we have noticed more qualified leads. Sales have increased. I give Rosewood a lot of credit for being persistent and holding us accountable to deadlines. I would recommend Rosewood’s marketing management plan because their professionalism and ideas are beneficial to our company and have helped us develop our brand to where we are now.”
-Steve, Flor Haus

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