Say It with an Ad Campaign

The frustrating phone calls I get from salesmen every time I remove an ad from a newspaper are getting old. And there’s the overwhelming challenge of overseeing my ads properly–I’m really bad at that. I want to keep a strong flow of leads coming in, but I barely have the time to make it happen. How can I get on top of my advertising?”

Can you relate?

Advertising agents were knocking on John’s door steadily, increasing his frustration and burning precious time with their inquiries. He was also struggling to keep track of random ads running in various places. Overwhelmed and desperate, John knew he needed a plan.

For ten years, Triple D Truss kept growing even without an organized advertising plan. But the larger your company, the greater the need for efficient organization. John also sensed their business model and advertising needs evolving and dreamed of expanding brand awareness and promoting a high quality company image. He knew he needed to find someone to help him accomplish these goals.

For several years, John had read Rosewood’s articles, intrigued by their work. Despite that, he hesitated: collaborating with a vendor was sure to be a time-consuming hassle. And how much would it cost?

John reached out to Rosewood Marketing in September 2018, explaining his frustrations to Luke, one of our sales guides.

Luke began by proposing some market research to identify Triple D Truss’s three main customer bases. Together, John and Luke pinpointed the ag, commercial, and residential markets. The original plan was to deliver individual marketing messages to each of the three verticals, but the overlap in the messaging points eventually inspired the team to run an ad campaign that spoke to all three personas. They could reach everyone in a giant, eye-catching string of ads.

Trusses were the product in focus, but trusses are far from photogenic with their gangly, outspread frames. As Luke brainstormed creative photography ideas and punchy headlines, the “gloved hand” theme idea developed. He mocked up a dozen or so ideas and ran them past Rosewood’s senior designers, Lyndon and Gary. From there, the fun continued.

scheduled ad service

The team agreed on a clean look with simple colors and concise messaging. Catchy headlines and a consistent theme of images would communicate key points to potential clients.

Each advertising message featured a different version of gloved hand photos. As the year progressed, the glove pictures slowly shifted from new to well worn. The subtle shift portrayed a loyal, hard working relationship between Triple D. Truss and their customers.

Rosewood completed all of the ad designs before the campaign began. All twenty-six ads will run in two publications, the Busy Beaver and Plain Communities Business Exchange, throughout the year. A new ad is introduced every issue. Derlyn, an online marketing designer at Rosewood, built a corresponding email campaign in Mailchimp that goes out to Triple D. Truss’s customers. Each time an ad is refreshed, the corresponding email goes out as well.

ad printed in magazine

John says the campaign and management plan is working well! He enjoys the confidence he feels when a local newspaper agent visits his office. It saves him a long conversation when he can explain that his ad campaign is already scheduled for the year. He is also grateful that the market understands Triple D. Truss’s unique selling proposition more clearly than ever before.

A great ad is a strong lead-generation tool when it connects with the right people using powerful imagery and messaging. A well-designed ad campaign with a recurring theme multiplies that power.

Beforehand we were spending more money advertising without getting the results we should’ve been getting. We thought it’d be cheaper running our ads ourselves. And this is a misconception for a lot of business owners when they look at something like this. Since we’ve started on this ad campaign, there’s no way we’d go back.” -John, Triple D. Truss

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About the Author: Sharla Plett is a copywriter at Rosewood Marketing. She enjoys interaction with clients and learning about many varying subjects as she writes about them. Contact Sharla at