Finding the Perfect Name for Your Company

The Zehr family’s new store in Nova Scotia was under construction, and Peter Zehr had everything he needed to launch a successful country store. A great location near the TransCanada highway, blueprints, experience, and industry connections. The only thing still missing was a vibrant, appealing name.

Peter knew that without a strong name and branding, his business could risk failure. Keeping this in focus, the Zehr family began to toss some ideas around. Pleasant Valley Market? Fireside Market? Nothing felt quite right, and they wanted to be confident in their decision. That’s when they contacted Rosewood Marketing.

Whistleberry Market Logo

First, our team discussed the brand with Peter. How should it be portrayed? How could the essence of his brand be captured? The rustic, homey feel of the market, the deliciously smoked meats, the freshly grilled burgers for hungry travelers, fresh produce locally grown. Rosewood and Peter developed a written brand essence to lay the foundation for the store name and branding. Then it was time for a name brainstorming session!

Our team of creatives at Rosewood began to explore possibilities and proliferate potential store names. This was started by writing down the first words that came to mind when we thought of Peter’s market. Local. Warm. Friendly. Happy. We scrawled many ideas, some poor, some promising, onto the wall. The ones with the most potential were selected.

Quality names must—

  • Be memorable.
  • Be easy to spell.
  • Be easy to say.
  • Stand out from the competition.
  • Have online availability and SEO value.
Naming Session First Stage
Naming Session Final Stage

In this case, 6-8 options rose to the top. Rosewood then conducted some preliminary research and created a report listing each of these options’ strengths and weaknesses. The report included online availability, and whether the name could likely be trademarked.

After setting aside a few names like Primberry and Inglenook, Peter decided on one that all of us felt would help his new business grow. WhistleBerry Market.

Rosewood proceeded with designing a logo and branding package, including colors, styles, and signage recommendations for the new store.

WhistleBerry Market is set to open January 1, 2019, and if you ever drive through Nova Scotia on the TransCanada highway, don’t miss the opportunity to get a freshly grilled hamburger, or purchase some of the local and homemade style foods at this friendly Canadian market.

Whistleberry Market in Novia Scotia

“We were happy with the naming process. It helped us to think out of the box and get beyond our own experience. I can see already that having our own brand colour palette and font to work with in all our marketing going forward is going to be a real benefit in brand recognition as well as professional image. Thank you.” – Peter Zehr

Uncertain you can invent the perfect name for your new product or company? Rosewood will help you create a name that can own a share of your customer’s mind and heart. Call today to schedule an introduction to the creative naming process.

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