New Co-op Cultivates Growth with Fresh Brand

A group of Amish farmers in Pennsylvania formed a co-op to provide fresh, healthy food to folks in cities and urban areas: from the New Yorker with no outdoor space for his own garden, to the busy mom wishing to raise her children on a cleaner, greener diet. The co-op hired Rosewood Marketing to create a distinct brand name and a logo for their naturally grown food.

kinfork brand

A lofty consultation

About a dozen committee members met with Roy and Matt, marketing consultant and brand designer, in the loft of Amos Yoder’s barn for a branding consultation. During several hours of discussion and a delicious homemade lunch, the team came to a few conclusions. The brand name and image could make or break the sale of these products. The brand must be clean, fresh, and connect with the target market.

Over the course of several meetings, the brand’s story, character, and goals took shape. The Rosewood team researched the target market consumer’s values and favorite brands. At that point, the brand essence description, a small story describing the feel of the brand, could almost write itself.

kinfork brand

The brand name: Kinfork

Choosing a strong brand name for the co-op was a process. During a naming session, Rosewood’s creative team came up with dozens of ideas to fill the Creative Room walls, selecting the 6 most compelling names to research further. Which was the strongest? Which would stand out in the marketplace?

The name settled upon was Kinfork, which captured the sentiments of family, farming, food, and sharing that the co-op stood for.

kinfork brand

But does it fit all the way around?

The Kinfork name resonated well with the urban market but didn’t seem to click with the growers themselves. A separate name for the co-op could solve this problem. The co-op committee settled on Keystone Family Farms, LLC, but will package and sell their products under the Kinfork brand.

Through collaboration between Rosewood and Keystone Family Farms, the brand began to take shape. Rosewood designers developed a logo and brand theming that would appeal to shoppers looking for fresh, healthy food. A brand manual explains the logo and brand and gives guidelines for proper application as the co-op pours their energy and excitement into introducing their new brand to the market.

kinfork brand

“Rosewood is easy to work with, they deliver what they promise, and they have good customer service. Having Rosewood name and brand our company has helped us to think deeply and identify our strong points. We learned the importance of putting a lot of thought and time into setting up a brand. Rosewood does a thorough job!” Amos Yoder, Keystone Family Farms

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