Are You Making Your Words Count?

Have you experienced that uneasy feeling of knowing that the quality of your marketing doesn’t quite measure up to the quality of your product?  

Photography and design both make a significant impact on the quality of your advertising. These two components get a lot of attention, but don’t overlook the words that go with them. Today we will zero in on the power of the copy, the words written to sell your product. 

Celesta Cabinetry—based out of Middleburg, PA—began its journey with Rosewood in 2016. They came to Rosewood needing a brochure that would better position them to sell to a higher-end clientele. Celesta produced mid to high-range cabinets, but their marketing materials fell short. Roy Weaver, the owner of Celesta Cabinetry, nailed it when he commented, “Marketing is so much more than just a glossy photo.”

Luke Flory, one of Rosewood’s main copywriters, had the privilege of spearheading this project and writing the content for the cabinet brochure. 

After listening carefully to the customer’s vision, Luke collaborated with two of Rosewood’s designers and photographers to bake the heart of Celesta’s message into the entire brochure. 

The design of the craft paper and the white space in the brochure really help drive the atmosphere of the copy. Great writing dressed properly is important. -Luke Flory, copywriter for Celesta

The opening text introduces Celesta in a warm and personal way. In a way that will draw a reader in. “We love the process of making dreams come true. We’ll help turn your scrapbook of ideas into drawings. Then we’ll craft your project into a hand-made masterpiece. From our first meeting until you move into your new space, we’re here to guide you through the process. Let’s begin!” 

Capturing the brand’s essence in a way that appealed to Celesta’s ideal market through a combination of outstanding design, copy, and photography was a highlight for Luke. It didn’t come without hard work. The team spent hours tweaking the copy and the brochure design so that both elements would flow seamlessly. The process reminded Luke of the quote, “We are constantly faced with great opportunities that are disguised as unsolvable problems.” 

We are constantly faced with great opportunities that are disguised as unsolvable problems.

The final copy in the brochure focuses on the customer, the ultimate for marketing success. It reads, “We pour a lot of energy into our craft, but it’s you that is the center of the project. Whether you are ready for that dream kitchen, a bath upgrade, or a new library, we’re on it. Natural? Glazed? Painted? No problem. We are focused on delivering the dream. On time and on budget.”

This brochure helps define our customers. It’s definitely helping us get higher-end projects as well. -Roy W., owner of Celesta Cabinetry

This page zeroes in on the beauty of Celesta’s old-fashioned craftsmanship. “We’re hands on. We like the feel of pencil on paper. Of sharp tools on fine wood. Of masterful finishing with a sharp and watchful eye. Artisan quality & old time craftsmanship, like it ought to be.”

Would you like to see the power of words transform your advertising from good to excellent? Call Rosewood Marketing at 717.866.5000 and speak to a professional today. 

Rosewood has a great team of professionals that work for their clients’ desired goals. They do all their homework right, asking a lot of hard questions. -Roy Weaver, owner of Celesta

About the Author: Sharla Eberly is a copywriter at Rosewood Marketing. She enjoys interaction with clients and helping them use the right words to communicate their message. Contact Sharla at