A Video Refresh [Case Study]

They say you’ve got to see it to believe it. This old adage contains an element of truth when working to win new customers. People not only want to see your product, but sometimes they also want a glimpse of the process that created it.

Cozy Cabins, a company that builds custom modular log cabins, understands this fact and uses videos to spread the word, attract new customers, and showcase their work. They have featured videos of home installation on their website for years. However, their videos were becoming outdated and didn’t feature the newest cabin models.

Previously Cozy Cabins shot their own footage and processed the videos themselves. This time they asked us at Rosewood Marketing to create a professional video that would inspire viewers by conveying the beauty of their cabins and the benefits of choosing a modular solution.

In the early months of 2017, high winds damaged multiple homes in the Denver, PA, area. The owners of a family cabin chose to replace their damaged home with one of Cozy Cabin’s charming modular cabins. This project would be featured in the new video.

Adrian, a photographer from Rosewood, made several trips out to the construction site to film the cabin as the installation progressed. Cameras snapped close-ups, and a drone filmed sweeping area shots of the construction and final product.

Derlyn, a video editor at Rosewood, chose footage that conveyed the highlights of cabin construction. He added the company logo at the beginning and end of the video and sent it to Cozy Cabins for their review.

Video editing in progress
Video editing in progress

After several rounds of edits, Derlyn was ready to add the soundtrack and voiceover. At Cozy Cabins request, he selected several samples of bluegrass music; they chose their favorite. Cozy Cabins provided a rough draft for the voiceover. Rosewood edited the script and the video was enhanced by the polished voice of a local professional narrator. Recording the voiceover in multiple short clips enabled Derlyn to adjust them throughout the shots as needed. After one more review by Cozy Cabins, the video was complete!

Cozy Cabins sent the video out in an email blast and posted it on their YouTube channel. The visual appeal of the new cabin, the professional footage, and the intriguing construction process continues to attract many viewers. As a result, the video now has over 80,000 views on YouTube!

We’ll let Cozy Cabins tell you about it in their own words: “There were no hesitations in hiring Rosewood since we trust them and their marketing skills. Having Rosewood involved helped us to keep the project on schedule and resulted in a more professional final product. It’s nice to work with a local company that understands your goals and values and can put together attractive and professional video productions.” – Cozy Cabins

You can see the finished video here.

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About the Author: Adrian Nolt is the Operations Manager. Contact Adrian at adrian@rosewood.us.com.