I was hungry. My stomach told me that it had been awhile since I had last eaten. As I was exploring my favorite local town, I quickly searched Google for suitable options in the area.

I clicked on the first of two results that Google returned. This restaurant had several fine sounding menu items, but upon looking at their photography, my appetite waned. Poorly lit photos (likely shot by the owner himself) of poorly presented food distressed my eyes.

Disgusting Soup

Clicking on the next option, I found an equally pleasing list of food options on the menu. The prices looked to be slightly higher, but the photography was amazing. My appetite immediately returned. The photos were well lit with the food tastefully arranged. Delicious pasta dishes and healthy garden salads beckoned for me to take a bite.

Now, to make the decision. Should I settle for the cheaper lunch or the more appetizing option? Ultimately the beautiful visuals won. The photography had made the sale!

Did you know that your photos also speak volumes about your business or product and they could either be making or breaking sales? Do your photos communicate the quality of your product, or do they show it in a poor light? Your customers deserve to know the truth. Use quality photography as an avenue to communicate it to them.

Below are some examples of brand and product photography we’ve styled and shot to help our clients succeed.

Finch Poly Outdoor Furniture
Finch Outdoor Furniture
Barngineer Photo Shoot
Man Working
Countryside Woodworking
Rustic Interior
Stable Hollow Construction
Merriweather Outdoor Poly Furniture
Merriweather Outdoor Poly Furniture
Earl Weaver Contractors
Shirt Photography
Montana Post Driver

What are your photography needs? We would be happy to discuss them!

About the Author: Adrian Nolt is the Operations Manager. Contact Adrian at adrian@rosewood.us.com.