logo of Northeastern Rustic

Catalog Series for Northeastern Rustic

How can a furniture craftsman market his products clearly and consistently? I recently enjoyed working with Northeastern Rustic LLC of Smyrna, ME, to answer this challenging question. Northeastern Rustic is a maker of wood furniture in the rustic styles perfect for cabins and mountain homes. They were ready for a redesign of their brochures, adding a new line and expanding their existing product lines.

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Compositing an image in photoshop.

My Designer Can Photoshop Anything — True or False?

When winter begins to settle in, with the busy summer rush over, many outdoor-product manufacturers begin to think about next year’s catalog. “Oh, yes,” they think, “we need some great photos for the new product we developed this summer — the picture-perfect kind with flourishing trees and blooming flowers in a delightful setting that will sell them their dream.” The businessman looks outside and realizes that the trees are almost bare, only a few straggly, frost-bitten flowers remain, and the grass is brown. “Oh, well,” he concludes, “my designer can ‘just Photoshop it.’ ”

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The Ryeland Gardens logo

Ryeland Gardens, the New Local Nursery

Ryeland Gardens is a brand-new nursery opening this fall in Womelsdorf, PA. Rosewood Marketing was privileged to participate in the brand development of this company. The first step was to create a logo. Dennis Hurst, the entrepreneur, wanted a logo that expresses the sense of refinement and competence the company will endorse, while fitting into a horticultural theme. Matt (Senior Graphic Designer at Rosewood) enjoyed collaborating with Dennis and refining the logo concept into a winner!

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2015 Finch Catalog Cover

Catalog for Finch

What does it take to produce a 100-page catalog? Right at the top of the list is teamwork. Come along for an introduction to the team-members who played a role.

Merv Esh is the owner of Windy Valley Woodworks, the company that manufactures Finch Outdoor Furniture. Since his company has been blessed with a growing network of dealers, he decided it was time to take the company’s marketing to the next level.

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