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Mockup of the redesigned PCBE front cover.

Have you been reading the Plain Communities Business Exchange? If so, you have probably noticed many things changing over the course of 2015. Particularly impressive is the new monthly theme, along with additional business-related articles. For example, some upcoming themes include Business School, Machines and Metalworking, and Innovation.

In January of 2015, John Lapp from PCBE came...

The Ryeland Gardens logo

Ryeland Gardens is a brand-new nursery opening this fall in Womelsdorf, PA. Rosewood Marketing was privileged to participate in the brand development of this company. The first step was to create a logo. Dennis Hurst, the entrepreneur, wanted a logo that expresses the sense of refinement and competence the company will endorse, while fitting into a horticultural theme. Matt (Senior Graphic...

Logo for FastVent Plus™

A good opportunity to renovate a product logo is when you update the product. In this mini case study, Levi’s Building Components* improved their FastVent™ roof vent, renaming it FastVent Plus™. A new product with a new...

logo of Northeastern Rustic

How can a furniture craftsman market his products clearly and consistently? I recently enjoyed working with Northeastern Rustic LLC of Smyrna, ME, to answer this challenging question. Northeastern Rustic is a maker of wood furniture in the rustic styles perfect for cabins and mountain homes. They were ready for a redesign of their brochures, adding a new line and expanding their existing...

Powerful Paper Salesman flexes his muscles.

How can you make your next batch of marketing brochures punch above their weight? Follow the 8 steps in this infographic to beef up your 5,000-strong salesforce.

Compositing an image in photoshop.

When winter begins to settle in, with the busy summer rush over, many outdoor-product manufacturers begin to think about next year’s catalog. “Oh, yes,” they think, “we need some great photos for the new product we developed this summer — the picture-perfect kind with flourishing trees and blooming flowers in a delightful setting that will sell them their dream.” The businessman looks outside...

The Google Analytics logo.

Some of you who own websites like to pore over your Google Analytics reports. But are you seeing relevant numbers? Take a look at these statistics on a brand new website:

Color logo for for GT Mobile Hydraulics
A Case Study of GT Mobile Hydraulics Logo Design

Mission: Design a logo for a new division of Georgetown Hydraulics, on location, in one day.

Accomplished: Arrived at 8:30 a.m. and we had a final logo design completed by 5:30 p.m. Here’s how we did it...

Any logo project can be time consuming and present challenges in achieving a result that encompasses all your client’s ideals....

martin landscape supply website

During the month of May Rosewood brought two new websites into the world! First, let me introduce to you Martin Landscape Supply of Myerstown, PA supplies mulch, stone, topsoil, and salt to wholesale and retail clients in their area. This brochure-type website showcases their products, tells their story...

Responsive website fits all screen sizes.

The online marketing world keeps changing, and we want you to know how a recent change might affect how easily customers can find you online.

What is all this noise about mobile-friendliness?

Many reports name 2014 as the year that mobile web traffic surpassed desktop traffic. Some say that 60% of internet traffic now comes from mobile phones and tablets!

What does this mean to...