Renovating a Restaurant Brand and Website

Amongst the gently rolling hills of Ontario stands Pebbles Family Buffet, a Mennonite restaurant specializing in home-style cuisine. A recent remodel of the restaurant set different goals for the brand. They updated the decor to give the restaurant a classier atmosphere, and Pebbles also changed their food production and service to become a more upscale restaurant. With this change, it was time for a new website. Their old, out-dated one didn’t reflect the new experience, and the platform it was on would no longer be supported.

Old website
Old Pebbles’ Site
old interior of restaurant
Old Pebbles’ Site

After restaurant renovations were complete, Pebbles turned their attention toward renovating their brand. Cameron Gerber, the owner of Pebbles, had met Roy at a meeting in Ontario 8 years ago, before Pebbles existed. When it came time to open Pebbles restaurant originally, he had hired Rosewood for the naming and branding, appreciating their similar Christian values.

With his newly renovated restaurant, Cameron wanted everything consistent across the board, with his brand and website experience to become as fresh as the new experience in the restaurant. Rosewood updated the logo, branding, and colors. The initial place these could be utilized was the website, the first piece to hit the market.

After Adrian and Anthony felt they understood Cameron’s vision for the website, Lyndon and Anthony met to come up with a basic site design and outline. Cameron approved the initial wireframes, then Lyndon created mockups of several main pages. The next step was to develop the site using the mockups as guides. After Cameron’s review and a couple more tweaks, the website went live.

Progression of web development:

wireframing sketch
Wireframing sketch
website mockup
Website mockup
new website
New website

Fresh photography of the newly renovated restaurant, and a modern, sleeker brand and colors added life to the updated website. The updated website gives the customer an accurate feel of the new and improved Pebbles.

Pebbles Family Buffet Exterior with new sign
inside of new restaurant
inside of new restaurant

Shortly after the website launch, reservation requests began to pour in. In the first week alone, three large groups came in directly from the website.

“Spending the amount we did on the renovation, we didn’t want to cheap out on the advertising piece. A concern I had was the differences between Canadian and American culture, and Rosewood did a very good job of being aware of that and adapting to Canadian culture. Now, the website and the experience when you come to Pebbles is the same, while before it wasn’t. I would recommend Rosewood’s brand refresh for people that are serious about their marketing and need a professional look that portrays who they are. A farmer that simply wants a website up with contact info can get a template from someone that will serve him just fine, but someone who is serious about who they are and wants to look up-to-date and real, then Rosewood is who I would recommend.” -Cameron Gerber, Pebbles Family Buffet

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