Driving Website Traffic through Online Marketing [Case Study]

Online Marketing – Why Should I Do It?

This is how people find information today! According to the AdWeek, more than 8 out of 10 people will search the internet to find a particular product or service.

Your online presence plays a vital role in your interaction with potential customers─and with search engines, such as Google. Without frequent updates, your credibility will be damaged, and your website will quickly be seen as a dead entity.

Website Traffic from Google

What Is Online Marketing?

Traditional advertising methods have online counterparts.

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Rank higher on search engines such as Google. It’s similar to a newspaper printing an article about your business on the front page rather than burying it in the middle.
  • PPC (Pay-Per-Click): Advertise on the internet. It’s like an ad in a magazine, except you only pay when a shopper clicks through to your site.
  • Business Listings: List the name, address, phone number and website of your business. Today it takes the place of the phone book.
  • Conversion Optimization: Make it easy for shoppers to buy. It’s like reorganizing your store for more sales.
  • Content Marketing: Email campaigns, blog posts, social media, etc. Get the word out like you did with brochures, newsletters, and word of mouth.

An Online Marketing Challenge

In 2012, a well-respected outdoor products company came to Rosewood Marketing seeking to establish their online presence by building a custom, conversion-optimized website. Desiring to further engage with potential customers and increase the number of leads generated from their website, the client again partnered with Rosewood to develop a plan to drive more traffic to their website and improve their market share.

How We Did It

The first part of the plan was to keep our client’s website visitors engaged by regularly adding fresh content such as new products and photography. By combining this new content with SEO best practices, we improved search engine rankings for the most popular keywords and key phrases that consumers were searching for. This translated into an average of 28% year-over-year growth in organic traffic from Google.

The second part was to craft a plan to claim strategic business directory listings. By doing this, we boosted our client’s search engine rankings and gained more than 7000 visits to our client’s website.

Online Business Directories

Can people find your business in these popular online directories?

Finally, we drove large amounts of highly-targeted traffic to our client’s website through a Google AdWords PPC campaign, which consistently generates an average conversion rate of over 5%. Rosewood’s ongoing PPC optimizations, which aim to precisely match the right consumer with the right advertisement for the right product, have resulted in higher click-through rates and more leads at a lower cost for three years running!

CTR and Conversion Cost
As click-through rates have gone up,
the cost-per-conversion has gone down.

Rosewood is Your Path to Online Success

Online marketing results like this are both real and possible. We didn’t use any “secret tricks” to improve traffic. Rather, we invested our client’s resources by utilizing proven techniques to help our client increase their website traffic and sales leads. Our client continues to partner with us because they know Rosewood will help them to make strides with their online marketing efforts so their great outdoor products can continue to reach even more consumers!

We understand that online marketing can be confusing. Rosewood is here to help you turn your confusion into an opportunity for online success.

Rosewood Online Marketing

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About the Author: Roy Herr is the senior marketing consultant at Rosewood Marketing. The Rosewood team guides business owners through marketing challenges into sustainable growth. Contact Roy at roy@rosewood.us.com